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Thread: Tiffany

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaryllis7
    Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. What's Chris Tucker doing on ANTM 4? I guess that "Friday/Rush Hour" franchise is done! OVAHHHH!!!

    Oooh, oooh, lists Rush Hour 3 as being in pre-production.....
    I just stated that when I was watching this! How strange. But the funny thing is I said it about Lady Kat and not about Tiffany.

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    I think lady kat actually has more potential then say Noelle. And i was right! Tiffany did change for the better. YOu can tell it form the bow i tell you!

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    I'ts really funny to see how people reacted after people found out she was going to be on the show, and hoow people changed when they saw her on the show. She no longer "strictly for the ratings". I am so proud of her and I think she going to blossom into being a real threat for those girls. She going to get them buy suprise and I really do believe in and support Tiffany 100%. And yall, please don't hate on her. Shes doing it big in 2005.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay

    (runs away)
    Not her bets pic but its not that bad at all

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    I hope they rewax her eyebrows when they do the makeovers and show her how to use lighter strokes. She did what many women do...use black pencil really heavy on the brows so it looks drawn on.

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    Tiffany? i can't believe it. :rolleyes

    OK, i love the sob story but i don't see the potential. maybe it's just me.

    "America's Most Wanted to America's Next Top Model."

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    I bet she gives us some more good one-liners. I can see her being a sort of commentator on the show and the other girls.

    I don't see her winning, but I've thought since season 3 that she has a really pretty face.

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    She would make a good winner because she has a good story. I just like her. So so sexy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    The worst thing Tiffany could do now (from UPN's standpoint) is be totally laid back.
    Oops. Too bad for UPN then.

    Anyway, despite her positive new outlook, I still think she'll be eliminated early.

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    over here!!!
    i duno why but i think tiffanys old personality will shine during the show! being around with others girls like that... tsk tsk

    i like her though
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