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Thread: Tatiana

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    Re: Tatiana

    Quote Originally Posted by antmluva1234;3022360;
    Awh her baby was born on the same day as me,19th March!!!

    C4 was definitly Cycle of the Mommas...

    Noelle,Lluvy,Michelle and now Tatianna!
    and Rebecca...!!

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    Re: Tatiana

    Quote Originally Posted by iluvNO;3025039;
    and Rebecca...!!
    Rebecca had a baby?
    Ugh...Such a pillowcase.

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    Re: Tatiana

    Quote Originally Posted by suchApillowcase;3025380;
    Rebecca had a baby?
    She didn't have one when she was on the show, but she has one now. At the Fiercee Awards Tyra announced that even though Rebecca had been nominated for an award, she couldn't be at the Tyra show that day because she just had her first baby.
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    Re: Tatiana

    yeah. Tiffany and Noelle were moms during the show; Lluvy, Rebecca, Tatiana and Michelle just after the show.
    I'll miss Alamela.

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