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Thread: Rebecca

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    Rebecca is not bad. I wouldn't say she is a commercial model, because she doesn't have a commercial look to her. But it's too soon to tell if she is capable of pulling of haute couture. But based on just the features of her face and the long legs and torso, she definately has the 'look' of what a runway model should be. It will be interesting to see, once the show gets started, if she can pull some energy into her eyes for the camera, because that's the only thing lacking in my opinion.

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    Rebecca is the Shandi material. Very thin no boobs (high fashion model). My top 5. I just hate the girly blond hair on her. Darken it and chop Tyra! Anyway love her body.

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    She reminds me of Scarlett Johansen. Very skinny. That worked well for Shandi.

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    rebecca looks sweet and innocent. i hope she makes it to the top 5. she has the look. she just needs to change the hairstyle. it makes her look plain.

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    Her very round face combined with her very long body are an odd combination. And I think she reminds me too much of a soap opera actress, although it's been so many years since I've watched any of them, I can't remember which one.

    ETA: Oh wait, I think it's Heather Tom.
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    Does anyone see a facial Kelly Clarkson resemblance?

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    She's so slender! I think she's pretty, but I'm still undecided overall.

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    I like her ~ she's so fresh and innocent
    sort of girl- next- door ~ Top 5 ~~!

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    She stands out in the teaser much more than Keenyah, in fact Keenyah looks weird beside her!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    She stands out in the teaser much more than Keenyah, in fact Keenyah looks weird beside her!

    Rebecca isn't anywhere near Keenyah in the teaser ? Unless you're not talking about the same one I am

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