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Thread: Rebecca

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    She is delectable in her makeover picture. Love it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    Alien Picture: My favorite pose of them all. I'm also not sure about her range, but I hope they at least give her instruction and time to develop, because she is the perfect blank slate.

    Why is Rebecca in none of the Insider Videos?
    She is my favorite pose as well. Don't worry about the lack of insider video... As she sticks around and others get eliminated, we will see more of her.

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    She still looks a little too actressy for me.

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    Her makeover is definitely an improvement--she's a lot more interesting to look at now. I thought her pose in the alien shot was good, but her face was too blah.

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    Her hair was kind of poufy before (at the bottom - like when someone has curly hair and it is not dried out well). The extensions and new colour really suit her. And, I agree, Salome, that longer hair is generally better for a model - unless they have a face that really pops, like Yoanna's.I don't know, Milay, if she can do edgy (the alien shoot was not really good, face-wise)- guess the upcoming photo shoots will let us know.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    I absolutely LOVED her makeover.. she looked stunning! It was definitely my favourite last night.

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    Her pose is one of the best for the alien photoshoot but her nose in the closeup is just so blah - maybe not enough dramatic makeup?

    Could some please post some screencaps of her post-makeover? As I don't like the topless photo of her and I'm not liking her makeover which is probably because I haven't seen more photos of it.. anyone please?

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    I actually really love Rebecca's new make-over, now she doesn't look so plain-jane unlike when she first came, and has more focus on her face because before the cut she had was not complimenting her face in my eyes...

    The alien Photo shoot was pretty interesting and rebecca's pose was really good and i liked it a lot, but when they closed in on her, she didn't have much power or life to control her expression and her nose kind of stuck out on her face the way she held her chin.

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    I think Rebecca looks a lot like Jewel Staite, a canadian actress who was on shows like Flash Forward and Firefly, see attached pic
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    Does anyone else think that after Rebeccas make over and especially at last episodes panel, Rebecca was looking a little like Kelly Clarkson.

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    Is it just me or does Rebecca look exactly like ANTM Cycle 3's Cassie? She reminds me so much of Cassie.
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