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Thread: Noelle

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    I personally don't see the 'amanda' resemblance, i dunno who she reminds me of, she has the hair of that character in felicity, but i think she has nice features, i dunno why but she kinda reminds me of a deer (the animal) in her profile pictures. She has a nice body, i think she could do both mainstream and high fashion, she could go far

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    I just saw a new UPN commercial a few minutes ago and Noelle seems like this cycle's tough gal by what she said: "I never throw the first punch, but if someone else does I'll sure as hell finish it"... or something to that effect.

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    Noelle is the most forgettable to me.

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    Why are you all talking about a forgettable?

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    Because Noelle is forgettable.

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    Hmm, i disagree, I dont think Noelle is forgettable, I mean there are other girls who I would consider more plain than she is, She kinda has different hair and eyes, which kinda semi - standout, I agree her look is not as out there as Naima, or Lluvy but I wouldn't call her forgetable.

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    I would deffinately describe this broad as forgettable. She's got a so-so bod and her hair has been done, soooo many times. She reminds me of a less pretty Amanda, and a more confident Nicole P.

    And who the hell picked out her clothes for the promo shots, they need to be fired.

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    I just saw the trailer for the first time. Noelle needs to brush up on her cliches and sayings. "I'll never throw the first punch, but I will finish it." Isn't it supposed to be "I won't start a fight, but I will finish it?" She's pretty, but a little pedestrian to me.

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    She looks like Elizabeth Berkeley (at least in the shots at the top of this thread). Not a showstopper - but not ugly.

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    I saw the Elizabeth Berkely thing too! Very Showgirls haha. But anyway, I still maintain that her's was the only shot in the Underwater Shoot that really struck me. I thought she looked phenomenal. So serene and mystical like a mermaid. That photo is the main reason I like her.

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