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Thread: Noelle

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    I'll never get over her elimination speech about Michelle!
    Poor character!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    I'll never get over her elimination speech about Michelle!
    Poor character!
    She definetly showed poor character ... lol
    and i really didnt think she was suited for any of the photoshoots that took place while she was there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobpickle
    When I saw Noelle in her preshow pictures, i was taken aback at how beautiful i thought she was. In her preshow picture she had amazing legs, great skin and nice eyes .... i actually wanted her to win based on those preshow picture.

    She is definetly good looking in my eyes that has never faultered
    She is certainly beautiful. I was really rooting for her! And her Myspace photos are gorgeous... But her character is a little lacking during the show. Hopefully she can get some modelling gigs, though...

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    Apparently on her MySpace, she has a boyfriend (rather cute) named Mikey.

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    I wasn't a big fan of Noelle, she was annoying. I do think she has a great face and body and could probably be a working model, but not necessarily a top model.

    What I "get" now that I didn't "get" back when she was eliminated was the judges telling her how important it was that she look like a model in person. If you are going on go-sees, especially for a runway show, you do have to have a good amount of presence at the go-see.

    That is why I cheered in this week's episode when Nigel told the girls to walk with confidence.

    Also, back in the good old days Tyra would get on the girls in a "real drama way" versus a "manufactured drama way." I remember Tyra telling the Cycle One girls how to present themselves on a Parisian go see and at a later point, Shannon showed up with her California mall girl look and Tyra nearly had her in tears and also came thisclose to eliminating her.

    During Cycle 2, I remember Tyra telling the girls not to wear too much makeup and then at a later point at a lunch with the girls Tyra looks at Camille and bluntly tells her she has on too much makeup. Although in Camille's defense, they were at a social setting.
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    Pictures from her My Space
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    does anyone have any updates on Noelle?

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    Hmm...I think she was in a magazine, but I can't remember which.

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    Re: Noelle

    She's going to New York to make an appearance in the Tyra Banks show, good to hear about her again.

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    Re: Noelle

    ^ Why is she going to be a judge?
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