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Thread: Naima

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Hopefully she's a fast learner and will take whatever help they're offered on board or I can't see her making too many cuts.
    Fluff, I would agree with you. Seeing the pictures in this thread, I thought she would be one of the first to go. But if you see her in the underwater and the red dress group shots, she is clearly one of the best. Maybe she is just inconsistent??

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    I'm totally on the fence about her. I also loved the underwater shot. I liked the red photo. I kind of liked the headshot, but the full body shot really really irritated me. She looked very stiff and her face suddenly looked terribly unattractive.

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    The eyes says everything quangtran's Avatar
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    Here's a link with a tiny bit of info on Naima.

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    Hmm.. she resembles one of my friends (who's has middle eastern, mixed ethinicity) and I think she can be versatile. She has this edgy side and I can also see her doing the pretty, sweet commercial types. Might go far...
    Oh wait.. she also looks like a local actress.. If I can find a good picture ill put it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quangtran
    Here's a link with a tiny bit of info on Naima.
    Here's the article, from the Detroit Free Press:

    "Do you recognize her? You will soon. She's a sushi-loving, "Law & Order"-watching coffee shop waitress from Detroit who'll compete next month on "America's Next Top Model."

    Meet Naima, soon to be known as the girl with the Mohawk. She's one of 14 finalists on the UPN reality show, which returns March 2 with the fourth round.

    What else is there to know about Naima, besides that she wants to be famous? She's 20. She's 5-feet-9 and 130 pounds. She was named after a John Coltrane song by her musician parents.

    And besides loving raw fish and crime dramas, she also likes "Star Trek." Yes, Trekkies are sometimes runway material.

    "America's Next Top Model" is hosted by supermodel Tyra Banks, who, along with a crew of judges, helps the contestants through the combination beauty pageant-finishing school. The 14 finalists, all known by their first names (there are no last names in reality TV), will compete in fashion shoots and other challenges for a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics, among other goodies.

    This time, the prospects include Lluvy, a 21-year-old janitor from California, and Michelle, a 19-year-old wrestler from Indiana. A familiar face is back, too: Tiffany, a 22-year-old mom from Florida, who got in a fight and had a beer poured on her head the last time she tried out for the show.

    A sneak peek at the first episode indicates Naima will be a strong contender. "She's so edgy, she's just like... mmph," says Banks.

    In other words, she's like the Motor City on a good day."


    Strong contender! She and Tatiana are my top two, so I'm excited to hear it. And I love how her parents chose her name. Coltrane was one of the first albums I ever owned (if you don't count The Bay City Rollers ).
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    If truth is relative, how do you know?

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    She is my favorite so far! I am curious about her ethnicity as well....I'll bet she is from New Zealand--or maybe has some middle eastern roots.

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    She's growing onto me. She's different, in a very unique and modelesque way.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by so into you
    She's got a nice mixture of ethnicities...I see Thai, I see Filipino, I see Middle Eastern...Nice hair too!
    YES!I think so!

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    I've been wondering about her stats: 5'9'" and 130? I'd never guess she weighs that much. That would technically make her plus sized, and there is no way. Compared to Jennipher last time, or Sarah this time, she is far too thin and angular to be plus. She must be really muscular or have very dense bones.
    Token Christian.

    If truth is relative, how do you know?

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    I'm Thai and Naima sort of looks like one of my favorite actress/model from Thailand, Ann. Ann is Thai/Caucasian and has much lighter skin than Naima. Naima doesn't sound like a Thai name, though. It sort of means "where have you been?"

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