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Thread: Naima

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    My decision has no impact on her ethnicity, but on the quality of her look when posing..stinks. Dead, done, finished.

    But she is kind of pretty, but she's a fish out of water in this element.

    She reminds me of Kelle in Season 3, pretty girl but when a camera is flashed, her insecurities give way and she can not pose for the life of her.

    As far as her background, I would say she has traces of Alaskan Eskimo (God, I know thats not the P.C term, sorry), what is it called Alution or something?

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    The eyes says everything quangtran's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ownlyanangel20
    My decision has no impact on her ethnicity, but on the quality of her look when posing..stinks. Dead, done, finished.
    Yeah, her second pose kind of sucks. But my "Ann Senses" aren't tingling just yet.

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    I have hope for this girl. She's got a great look...but could fail miserably at modelling. I guess we shall see! Judging by these photos, she's fairly novice.
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    Naima's ethnicity

    i think naima is half black and half white. i don't know too many asian/filipino females named naima. that name is more common in the african-american or arabic culture.

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    maybe 1/2 japanese... since she loves sushi??? (wild guess... since April loves ikura on rice!)

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    I just don't like her face nor her personality but she looks very well as high fashion.

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    Her face is lovely. One of my pre-show favs. Anyway, anybody who likes "Whale Rider" gets an from me.

    Please though, chop off that gravity-defying nest of hair.

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    Ok, didn't love the pictures of her in this thread, but she rocks the group photos. #1 favorite right now and that is just by pictures. She might be the Nicole of the season and surprise us all.

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    Well she already has that 'faux hawk' look, so they can't do a Yoanna on her. Can't pinpoint her ethnicity but when I first saw her, I immediately thought she could be part Asian.

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    looks like J.Lo to me ~ Top 5 !

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