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Thread: Michelle

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    Quote Originally Posted by so into you
    Looks like someone from MEAN GIRLS.

    She was the one I liked the least! I'm not into her at all.
    She will be one of the first 3 to leave! . . .
    Or lets just hope!

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    She looks like she wants to beat the crap out of the camera. I'm slightly alarmed. The fact that she could probably kick my a** and bench press me when she's done is a little scary.

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    I'd like to know what she looks like when she's not frowning... I bet that'll tell us a lot.

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    The eyes says everything quangtran's Avatar
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    The "tough chic" expression doesn't work for her.

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    I love this girl, from the moment I saw the group picture my eyes were on her! Very Isabelli Fontana like. Top 5 no doubt. She knows how to work the camera.
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    Yeah I'm with the majority on this one. I would never cast her in a modeling shoot just based on her look in these pictures. She comes across as too masculine. Not tomboy, but masculine. She has the angry, hard female warrior thing that is suitable for wrestling, but not suitable when you are wearing Oscar De La Renta or Nicole Miller. In fact, I doubt if she could even wear the Sean John line.

    She has the perfect height for modeling and her body is not bad...but her face is killing me. Looks too manly, and her eyes are just horrid. I hope this one doesn't make it past the first round.

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    Oh boy. I just look at each group photo, and she's not working for me..
    In the Atlantis one, she looks like a banshee. Totally off.
    In the red one, she looks all stretched wide.
    In the lying down one she looks all rock and bouldered, and smashed on.
    The only decent picture she has is the second on in her profile. (wearing the yellow skirt).
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    This girl works for an odd sort of way. She strikes me as a perfect fit in that crop of models who are "ugly" but have such a unqiue look, that they do very well. She could go far.
    "At this point I'm assuming their child is dead. Most likely crushed beneath a mountain of corn dogs. Not that Britney or Kevin would notice. Arguing and drinking seems to take up most of their time. As does Britney's attempts to turn herself into a giant blob of jello."

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    She looks nasty in all five of the photos she's been in so far. The close up, the full shot, the underwater shot, the red dress shot, and the tank top shot. She has the same weird, sullen, eyes slitted, something funky smelling under her nose, kind of look. I know she's trying to go for dangerous and sexy but really she just looks constipated and a little bit deranged. I sense a Kelle or Ann syndrome here.

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    i think she is going to take on the sporty tom boy role this year, like adriene, yoanna, and ann.

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