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Thread: Lluvy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Citizen Kaos
    This girl is just Fugly-yes with a capital F! I think she looks like the mother from the film, "The Shining."
    Spot on! That, or a more exotic-looking (and about a century younger) Joyce Carol Oates:

    Having established a resemblence to a) an (in my opinion freaky/gorgeous) actress from one of my favourite films and b) my favourite writer, I'm obliged to like this one. I immediately liked her underwater pic. She will either go very far or be one of the first ones to go.
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more" (Morrissey)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaucyRedhead77
    Her face looks like it's melting off. Garrrgh. Imagine what she'll look like as an old woman!? Richard Nixon maybe??

    I agree. This girl is just plain ugly to me! She's wierd looking-like a fish. She'll be one of the first couple of girls to go-definitely. I know modeling is more than just being pretty...but she has no bone structure, no attractiveness and I really don't like looking at her ugly, fishy face.

    Models become supermodels when they intrigue you-not disgust you. My husband said it too, "She's freakin nasty."
    I have learned that gifts don't always come wrapped and treasures aren't always buried.
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    Interesting. Haven't made my mind up about this one yet..have to see more of her. She's going to be one of those girls that you either love or hate.

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    She is very different looking, but I kind of like her. In her case, personality will either make or break her.

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    She reminds me of Jenna Morasca, which I don't consider a compliment.

    Please Tyra, do not turn her blonde.

    I agree that she looks better in the Babywipes pics, but she isn't a favourite of mine from what I've seen here.

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    How odd, she's got the same plaid cap in the UPN photo as the poshentertainment photo.
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    Nice catch on the hat! That is very odd. I'm not sure about this girl. She's different, but I don't know if it's good or bad yet?

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    Her name could be short for Lluvia, which is Rain in spanish. She does look a like she has some sort of latin in her somewhere. That's very nice, but Lluvy on it's own just makes me think of a sunburn. A big red blistery sunburn. Erlack.

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    I really like her.

    My friend Sarah and I go though and pick what place each one is gonna get (pre-show)

    and we think Lluvy is going to get 3rd.

    which is where all the "interesting" girls go.


    3rd place.

    I personally love her though, the face is so intriguing - it isn't classically beautiful, but since it is slightly different - maybe even a bit exaggerated, it makes her fascinating to look at.

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    I have to admit - I WAS horrified when I first saw her but after awhile she wasn't so bad.

    She looks very Mediterranean to me. Anyway, what is up with the occupation as a janitor when you are only 21??

    Just as bad as how they made Nicole's (from ANTM3) occupation 'ex punk rocker'.

    I wonder if this really is her current occupation.
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