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Thread: Keenyah

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    FORT Fogey princess07's Avatar
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    May 2005
    This girl has such a beautiful face, neck in all. I'm not likeing the outfit. Shows too much tummy. I don't like this outfit on anybody. I don't care if you're skinny or fat. It just doesn't do people justice. I just wish this style would die.

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    Former Princess Jinafire's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Keenyah looks great in my opinion! Face is as gorgeous as ever, she definitely has gotten bigger to some extent, but she's still a beautiful girl! Which is more than I can say for the winner that cycle...

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    The Tyrant~ Kahlen_rocks's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    wtih melrose at heatherette

    ummmm, she looks dragqueen-ish :/
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    lucy FTW potatowedgie's Avatar
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    I don't think I like her hair like that.

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    Keenyah looks great! She does look a little draggish, or androgynous as I would rather say...

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    FORT Fanatic
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    I like those bangs on Keenyah, but this angle isn't good for her.

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    she looks so drag...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Yes;2234110;
    I like those bangs on Keenyah, but this angle isn't good for her.

    Yeah, totally agree. And Melrose looks ewwww

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTM OBSESSION;2228198;
    WHYdoes she let that gut hang out like that??? I dont like to be mean, but come on Keenyah!! A few crunches never hurt anyone
    She's just clueless!

    She doesn't appear to realize (even after it was pointed out repeatedly on ANTM) that she carries most of her weight around her lower abdomen. Given that fact, you'd think she'd figure out that low-rider pants are not for her--even if they are in style.

    Why would you want to wear something that not only emphasizes your biggest figure flaw but shows it all hanging out? She's also quite short-waisted, so that doesn't help the look.

    I don't think Keenyah is fat by any means. She just has a sort of strange figure that, like Yoanna's, may never be quite right for modeling certain styles no matter what she does.
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    she looks really horsey at heatherette ..
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