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Thread: Kahlen

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    The eyes says everything quangtran's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by geek the girl
    She reminds me of Helen Hunt.
    I see more Meg Ryan.

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    She came across as blah on TV. I just like her name.
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    Someone mentioned that Kahlen is a dead ringer for Carmen Kass (whom I detest!)

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    ^That's exactly what I thought too!!

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    the bluest eye bonsaibutterfly's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by soybean
    Is she the girl who never saw the show? I like her if it is! I don't agree that she has a good walk, though.
    Yes, that's her. I felt she needed to stand up straight in her walk, but it had a lot of promise especially if she is new to modeling. Tyra and the Js seemed to like it.

    Chicyukika thanks for posting those pics of Carmen Kass. I wondered who they meant. She looks a lot like Carmen!

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    Yeah, her posture wasn't the best, but she moved so well. I bewcame a tentative fan after seeing her walk.
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    Reality tv fan
    Quote Originally Posted by Milay

    Kahlen is cute! She needs a make over (her hair ain't the best feature though).
    for that picture.....can't wait to see her after her makeover.

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    BBEEEEAAAUUUUTTTIIIIFFUUULLLLL L. I'm going top three for sure. No doubt in my mind. mehhh.

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    She looks very cute with her dimples and her beautiful smile but I know that once they cut her hair boy short and dye it dark she can transform into a sexy, edgy model.

    From the very beginning I really liked her look so I'm hoping she makes it far.

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    She looks like Taryn Manning to me. I really don't like the way she looks...not like a model at all. She's just too plain, and SHORT! I'm sure Tyra is looking for a Cinderella story here, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

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