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Thread: Kahlen

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    Quote Originally Posted by KahlenJ1J12A01
    maybe the boring tall and skinny average mallrat but lets she if she can preform first, before turning her away and not giving her a chance throwing her in a boring category who doesn't excite most. cause if you ask me, you could be a drop dead gorgeous model with the hright and features, but if you dont have what it takes in front of the camera or on the runway you will get no where! I'm gonna wait and see her performance before I jump to conclusions like the rest of you!
    Don't worry, some of us really like her. People are just giving their first impressions. Believe me, impressions can change rapidly once the show starts. I never noticed Amanda at the beginning of last season, and then she became my absolute favorite.

    Kahlen is still in my top 5. Crypt-keeper my hiney! She's lovely. I can see her in a gorgeous black and white beauty shot with those eyes and her facial structure.

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    Absolutely - first impressions. I change a lot after seeing even the first episode, both after seeing how they perform and their personalities. I can't admire a girl with a nasty personality no matter how well she photographs.
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    Gosh...that K-len. That's how I'm going to spell her name...I think she would prefer it that way. Plus I'm going to nickname her "Hollywood". Anyway...she's my early number 8. I don't think she'll do very well, not because she's not pretty...but because she has trouble making left turns. She's not an ambiturner.

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    first impression....pretty forgettable...average....maybe a makeover will make all the difference.

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    The only thing I don't like about her is her mouth.

    She is rather striking in my opinion!
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    Hello ms. Top Model,
    My buddies and I are wondering why you don't solicit all your friends to make comments cause that has to be the only way the other models are getting so many comments. Don't let it freak you. You are a babe! We think you will be our next "America's Top Model" Can't wait to watch you come down that isle The Winner!

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    Maybe K-len doesn't have any friends. Except for a stuffed animal that she sleeps with or something. Just a thought.

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    Hmm, I definetly like Kahlens look, and I agree in an ideal modelling competition, it is not about how many friends you can make or have. However, this is a Tyra Banks competition and she may fall into the same category as Nicole did last time, and be the more subdued model

    All this is assumed simply cuz Kahlen doesnt illustrate erratic behavior in the shows promos though, and her pics kinda lack expression (but she is still stunning) I dont know, I dont think Kahlen will win but she will be very well presented throughout the show

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    i dont know what it is but i think that she is hot and i dont know what i would do if she does not make it far

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    yawn. she looks like a sears catalog girl

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