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Thread: Kahlen

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    I've never seen them either - does anything interesting happen? Or is it just a pointless voice-over?

    Still, if it's Jay Manuel-free, I'd be happy to watch it - especially when Kahlen wins one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tes
    Hey question do they even show the covergirl of the week in Canada?! Cause I never seen it before!And I want Kahlen to win at least once!
    They do, but only on the American superstations (UPN), which come through on digital cable or satellite. For the Canadian channels that play it, they play only Canadian commercials, so we don't get to see them if you watch ANTM on CityTV or something.
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    Yeah, I figured it has to do with the advertisments as well. And that'd be alot of added exposure for cover girl.
    Anyways, I mentioned in another thread that Kahlen has this thing about her that makes people wanna look out for her. Maybe its charisma maybe its EQ.. i don't know but I figured its better to have a girl who may come off a bit raw then a know it all. *cough yaya* I dont think Kahlen messing up that reading is a big deal.. most of the girls messed up.. they were set up to mess up with that. It was probably the first time they were reading it .. so yeah. Entertainment value.

    But Kahlen came off as adorable.. because.. I dunno! LOL how do you dissect taste? I guess some of the Kahlen fans & myself just have a soft spot for her puzzle frown. She does look younger than her age so she sometimes comes off as a little girl.. and we all know the fashion industry is currently swamped with little girls dressed to look like gals 10 years their senior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTM*Male*Fan
    I dont think it's her or any of the girl's lack of popularity I just think not very many people vote on the ANTM site and those who do vote for Naima! Naima just has too much popularity! and the question I should ask is..."Why?" sure she's elegant etc...but her pictures!! *Nuff said* But I do like her but not as much as I used to because I feel shes overrated! People only like her because of the mohawk probably and her clear skin...and the fact that she looks like Jlo. But I'm kinda happy because Tiffany is the only one remotely close to her! SO IT really doesnt matter to me...but Naima having 50% of the votes is kinda boring...

    i agree about naima...i think people think she's "cool" because she seems like she has this artsy side to her, but it's funny because on a college campus, at least mine, a lot of people look like that so it's not that exciting. and yeah, her photos aren't so great. is one of my favorite personalities..i think she's hysterical and really sweet, but kahlen is still my favorite!

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    did anyone else notice that everyone kahlen interviewed with that claw is gone.... rebecca, noelle, sarah, lluvy. its like the cursed claw of elimination. hahaha

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    aw~~~Kahlen is gonna be crush!!First becca now this!she's little be gentil with her!!

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    they didnt say exactly the bad news was did they? maybe her hamster just died or something!

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    I feel bad for Kahlen, she looked so heart broken tonight! I hope that her bad news isn't too bad.

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    she looked so adorable tonight!! the way she was turing beet red because of the male model and the other actor, and how she only had a boyfriend in grade five! :LOL

    I really hope the bad news wont send her home For some reason, i kind of think it's something about her dad, because in the myspace, she only has a picture of her dad (family) i don't know though... and poor kahlen, rebecca's gone.

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    i doubt its anything to serious just for respect on the show if something serious was to happen family wise. i doubt they would show it just out of respect to the family. you know? i could be wrong though

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