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Thread: Kahlen

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    She reminds me a mixture of Leah and kristi from ANTM 3!! for some reason i'm not into blond models!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faile
    I'm getting an early reese witherspoon vibe from her - plus for some reason she reminds me more of Christie from last season than cassie - its like this is what christie would have looked like if she had a SLIGHTLY smaller jaw. I think she may be surprising post makeover - if she can only last that long.
    Who's Christie? Is it Cassi your talking about??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colombian_Queen
    she sorta does look like Cassie, her eyes are pretty but in these pictures she looks shocked.
    I think she's better than Cassie, I mean much better.
    Cassie looks too weak to be a model... at least I think so.

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    Cassie and Kahlen

    Quote Originally Posted by GiseleRH
    I think she's better than Cassie, I mean much better.
    Cassie looks too weak to be a model... at least I think so.

    Totally agree with that statement. Cassie would be an amazing model if she got treated for her bulimia...honey, if you binged/purged "only once", you still are a bulimic. She was so pretty, but there was just dead energy emanating off of her, and so her photos always came out pretty but blah.

    But Kahlen, I think, is a much better "version" of Cassie. This girl has that spark in her eyes, called life, and I think she will go far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by funkalicious
    Who's Christie? Is it Cassi your talking about??
    I think she wants to say Kristi instead of Christie. o_O

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    I just hope they will give her a chance and let her stay till the makeover episode (Unless they give her a shocking makeover).

    Kahlen would really suit the boyish-model look

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    I'm sorry, but there's not a damn thing about this girl that would let me pick her out of a crowd...

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    I think she has more confidence then Cassie and it shows in her face. I will have to root for her since she is from Oklahoma but I don't think she will go to the final four or anything. Unless she just kicks major butt in the photos shoots or starts major drama.

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    One of my top 5 picks. I really like the bone structure in her face and her expressive blue eyes. Her hair is very pretty, but I think a short cut would really be good. There's just something about her I like...

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    Do you think she'll looks good in red or orangish hair? Or is her hair that colour already?

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