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Thread: Kahlen

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    Model Behavior
    I really like her on the Alien Shoot pics on the other thread. This girl's got potential!

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    She's one of those who impressed me a LOT more in the show than she did in those first promo pictures.

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    My unexpected favourite. But I definately am rooting for her after seeing the premiere.
    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    I loved that. I thought Kahlen was cute from the beginning, but after seeing her on tv, she's become my favorite this season.
    Yeah I thought she was so adorable there too! But did Tyra kinda roll her eyes? lol

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    The girl is natural in every sense of the word!

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    After watching the premiere 2 more times (I was kind of bored.. ), I love Kahlen.. especially the spunk in her walk!!

    I also really like what Jay pointed out-- that when you have a girl doesn't know what she's doing, there's the potential to teach her so much more. I really hope Kahlen does well!

    Oh but during her walk, J. had a really weird expression on his face- did he like it or not? It sort of looked like he did, but sort of looked like he didn't

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    I got the impression that he was impressed with her aggressive walk and attitude, and that she's someone he can work with to refine it a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bhanson2004
    Nothing stands out to me about Kahlen (except her name .) She reminds me of pre-makeover Catie (C2.) I dont see her going very far .
    I thought I was looking at Catie for a sec, very weird. Hope she doesn't start at the makeover, that would be too deja vu
    "Clothes tell a story, and yours tell the story of a crazy, deranged kickboxer who still lives with his mother in Queens." -Carson

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    In the preview for next week, it shows her wiping her eye while in the haircutting chair. Let's hope it's a stray lock of hair and not a tear of resentment or else her chances of being ANTM are in jeopardy.

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    Aww... if this girl turns out to be like Catie I'd just be really disappointed! I didnt get the Catie vibes from her and I dont really see the resemblance at all. I think she's really gorgeous .. while Catie was kinda blah to me

    Tearing is kinda expected I guess for a girl like her to go through major changes in her looks. Afterall, she said she only gets 3 tv channels, probably doesnt experiment much with hair.

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    I don't think she needs much of a makeover. I suppose short would be cute on her, but I would like to see a shaped-up long cut. I can't wait to see more of her!

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