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Thread: Christina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milay
    Old + mediocre, I guess the judges went for the bitchy personality.
    I too think that this one will be the a biatch. Her icy stare makes the hairs on my neck stand up .

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    Quote Originally Posted by so into you
    This photo just is amazing. Sort of a 'NICOLE'. The way she can adjust an angle, and totally look amazing. This photo is what grabbed me. I wish Tyra would give her some volume as a normal look.

    I completely agree; I was completely mesmerized from when I first saw that shot of her.. it's beautiful ! She had the best shot in that group photo, in my opinion.
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    I think she just needs a new hairstyle and she'll look a lot better. The style she has now just elongates her face even more and it doesn't look as good.

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    Will Tyra give her "platinum blonde" hair to match that icy stare? EEK.
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    I don't think she has a face for modeling and although she is 5'10'', her legs look sort of short. However, a couple of her group shots show promise. So I'll suspend judgement for now.

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    After seeing the teaser, I like her more~
    her face is not that long,maybe affected by her hair~
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    Weird. Here's another one that can go either way. Absolutely hate the bio shots but like the groups ones.

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    In the full body shot, there is something about her that reminds me of Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives, but she is nowhere near as interesting or captivating. She won't last too long in the competition.

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    I hope she at least makes the makeover episode and they cut her in a fringe.
    I'm not a fan of that centre-parting "curtains" look with what looks to be relatively thin hair.

    I agree with Stellaluna, a new hairstyle is called for as all this current one does is make ehr face look longer.
    She needs a bit of width to balance it out.

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    I think her face structure is going to be a hinderance. She is a unique look though. her nose is very strong and she's damn tall.
    I have learned that gifts don't always come wrapped and treasures aren't always buried.
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