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Thread: Favourite ANTM3 Moments

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    Favourite ANTM3 Moments

    Here are my top 5:

    5.) Kelle tripping over Amanda's cane- I'm sorry but that was hilairious!
    4.) Toccara getting pricked with the pin- Holly crap she scream frickin bloody murder, and then some. It was very amusing though.
    3.) Eva's various victory dances- "In You Tall Bitches Face!"
    2.) Norelles Japaness experience- Her struggle with the Japaneese culture was kinda sad , but extremely funny at the same time.
    1.) My favourite moment of ANTM3 was, ANN GETTING ELEMINATED! WOOHOO!

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    Ann getting eliminated
    "Dull Slash Very Dull"
    Yaya's Dookie-Smelling Hat Debacle
    Tyra/Nigel vs. Janice/Marc Bouwer over Toccara and Cassie
    Nicole, Eva, and Ann making the other girls PUNK'D
    Norelle's "Panda Express" (She was such a blonde for that remark)
    Yaya's winning streak coming to a screeching halt

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    Amanda's "trap a bitch" song/dance.

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    Amandas FIght with the curtain was FUNNY!
    thats all i have for now

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    Toccara at panel doing her little dance, flailing arms


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    I have to go with Amanda fighting the curtain, that makes me laugh every time. And also Eva explaining her 'strategy' for the Japanese street style challenge.

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    -Norelle blundering over anything about Japan
    -Norelle stumbling over the words in the death scene script
    -Eva's commentary
    -Ann writing in the brownies saying I should have wrote Eat more carbs
    -Norelle's walk at the go sees
    -Eva's reaction to Ya Ya's remarks about writing in the brownies
    -Tyra and her mother reacting to Cassie's elimination so Oprah
    -Ann telling Eva that she loved her and wanted her to be in her wedding(Funny but scary also)
    -The panels reactions to Kelle's pics
    -Eva winning and Ya Ya losing

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    10. The girls in the aweful anime shot
    9. Norelle tripping at the fashion show.
    8. Amanda's scene with Tyne Digs where she dies twice. The actor was so funny.
    7. Amanda tripping Kelly with the cane is classic. I love that one
    6. Eva saying the person getting the facial needed the facial about YaYa winning the spa challenge.
    5. Amanda's certain bitch song.
    4. Anne about to whip Jennipher's ass after the pushing incident.
    3. Jay Manuel's bazzare and, at times, scary acting in the make tips.
    2. Toccora having a whole chicken by her bed at night. Still freaks me out.
    1. Yaya's face when Eva won. She looked upset and angry. I so wanted her to be third so she would go off on the judges. But, she held back a little. So sad.

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    Favorite - when Eva won. I am so very happy for her!

    Other great moments:
    -- Norelle and anything to do w/Japan. She is just adorable.
    -- Amanda's fight with the curtain.
    -- when Ya Ya yelled that she was on the phone and everyone froze.
    -- when Eva and Ya Ya hugged in the last episode.

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    One of the standouts for me was Norelle's walk at panel, where she was all hunched over and shuffling like an arthritic senior citizen trying to walk a tightrope. One of the biggest laughs I had all season (and she was such a DOLL on top of it!).
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