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Thread: America's Next Top Model 3 - The Final Photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by mic813
    Eva rocked that photo. Period. Hands down.

    Was anyone else bothered by Amanda's dye job all season? It looks horrible. Its YELLOW, not blonde or anything that resembles a real hair color. I think Amanda is beautiful, but her hair always distracted me. (and her teeth, just a tad, in this photo)
    Her hair color is horrid! She looked much better before. I think she looks albino with the hair since her skin is also pale. Her smile is just gummy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherry_Blossom
    Ramzie I don't think Covergirl is going for sexy. Going by your opinion that's where Amanda messed up. She shouldn't have made it seem sexy. Covergirl's motto (going by tyra) is a girl with a wink.
    I guess sexy is a relative term. Amanda's photo is pretty and hints at sexy. I wouldnt call amanda's photo "I want to have sex with you" sexy. Ironically enough, take a look at Tyra's Covergirl shot- you can see an enlarge on the Tyra thread. I would call that a "I am a virgin, take me" sexy look. I think she has spent too much time in the VS stuff and cant take a normal photo anymore. Tyra is inconsistant at best, a hypocrite at worst.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ownlyanangel20
    This last episode of ANTM angered me a bit.

    Now I realize I am new to this forum but I am hardly a newbie when it comes to internet or the entertainment industry as I worked as a personal assistant in LA to a prominent actress/model during my years at college.

    I also realize that others disagree with what I will say, so I am sorry if you become offended.

    That said, all the 3 photos are beautiful. But Amanda's was flawless, perfect, breath-taking. Her photo is the wet dream of advertising. She has the looks of high fashion and the accessbililty of editorial layouts. In her photo, she clearly looks like a Cover Girl that you would find in a magazine spread.

    Yaya is a gorgeous model as well. This photo, while being beautiful, does not do her justice, her eyes need to be directly into the camera, rather than off to the side, giving a cockeyed look. Even if she were to coyly or demurely tilt her head slightly down, but look up with her eyes into the camera lens, that you work. But she is not cut out to be a cover girl, her look is too high fashion, too sophisticated (and there is nothing wrong with that!). Yaya is gorgeous and I believe Tyra is threatened by Yaya's youthful look.

    Eva. I have never been an Eva fan, and as the show progressed, I disliked her more and more. She does not have the look for runway modeling or even commercial. Her attitude is very condescending towards the modeling industry itself and is very back-stabbing and than cries in front of Momma Tyra. Her photo is good, but I can not get over the way she poses with her nose, making her nostrils flare out. She appears very unfeminine. Yes she has a lovely smile, but she is not a model. Yet Tyra was rooting for her from the get go, and her cronies always said a positive word about Eva, no matter what she did.

    But all the other girls incurred the wrath of Tyra and Jay and Janice and friends, while Eva could do no wrong.

    Who should have won?

    I really would have liked to see Amanda or Yaya win, both are 2 gorgeous women who know how to model as a high fashion couture model. Nicole, too, was cut out way too soon because Tyra supposedly "forgot" she existed? Hello, she was handpicked by Tyra.

    Anyhow, what really ticks me off. When the final 3 step before the panel, Tyra chastizes Amanda for wearing glasses, stating that no fashion house would find that 'look' acceptable. Sorry, I have experience and knowledge to know that Tyra's "fact" is completely wrong. Models, when they go on go-see's, are expected to wear no make-up, casual clothes, and just be themselves. I have seen many models wear glasses, and not one of them is chastized for season 2, Shandi was never chastized for wearing her glasses. But Tyra needed a reason to get rid of Amanda, so she threw that lame-ass comment out. It is discrimination against Amanda to say that she could never wear glasses....she has to, because of her vision.

    But all throughout this season, we hear Tyra preaching to the choir about how the modeling industry needs to get a new look, a new perspective on what a model looks like and how a model acts. She defended Toccara (who, was way beyond plus size modeling) as being a champion for a new type of models, and so on and so on. Yet, Tyra waits all this time to tell Amanda that while they can have models who are under height requirements (5'9 is the recommended minimum, 5'8 is used, but only in circumstances where the model has the 'look'. but nothing under 5'8), and over weight requirements, glasses is a deal breaker. The industry is ready for models who are under 5'8, and over 180 pounds, but if you wear glasses, "poof" you're gone.

    It has been clear from the beginning that Eva would come out the winner, that she was Ms. Banks pet project. Tyra knows that while Eva may have personality, she will never make it in the fashion industry, thus her competition is negligible. Unlike that of Yaya, who would clearly out perform Tyra in the looks and the modeling department and also Amanda in the pose dept.

    I understand the wont for women of all minorities to be included in the modeling world, but when skin color is used as a determinent for hiring/firing a candidate, that is hardly fair.

    This is a long rant and a stream-of-consciousness. Forgive me, but I just cant see the big deal over Eva. She is just a pretty face, but she is no high fashion model. Catalog or commercial print, yes. Model, no.

    Not to mention the fact that she had a talent manager who had connections with Ms. Banks, a friend of a friend of a friend kind of deal.

    But they never tell you that kind of information on these "reality" shows.

    Perfectly said. Yaya and Amanda clearly have far more potential than Eva (who you're right does not come off as feminine). And you're also right that the glasses thing was very silly. True, glasses on the runway will never happen, but at go-sees, the don't really care (at least in my experience). Plud did Tyra ever think that maybe Amanda needed her glasses at least for the time being?

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    Quote Originally Posted by caramelbeauty81
    Her hair color is horrid! She looked much better before. I think she looks albino with the hair since her skin is also pale. Her smile is just gummy.
    I've actually grown to love the hair. It really makes her stand out more. If I looked at a group of the ANTM contestants, my eyes would go straight to Amanda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gemma
    I've actually grown to love the hair. It really makes her stand out more. If I looked at a group of the ANTM contestants, my eyes would go straight to Amanda.
    ETA: You're right that if she were doing something mainstream like a Sears catalogue, I'd be pretty freaked out by it, but for high fashion I think it's great.

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    Thanks for posting the high res pictures, they really make a difference in seeing why someone was booted. Why I think Amanda was rightfully booted...? I think Amanda's picture was not as good as Eva's or Yaya's. Amanda looks plastic, and very fake, which is not good for Cover Girl, a brand that in my mind aims more for natural beauty (like someone said beautiful girl next door). Also, her pose is not very good, she is coming to your face. Not to mention her elbow, I do not know if her skin looks like that or if it is a reflection from water, but I do not like it (call me picky why didn't they airbrush it?). She has had better pictures than this, and the picture is not bad bad (just pointing out what bothers me about it), but I do not think it is the best in this photo shoot.

    Eva and Yaya both have lovely natural looking faces and great poses, but Eva's is much better because her picture is lively, fun, and very bubbly. What more could one expect from Cover Girl?
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Hands down I think Eva deserved to win from the start. She is naturally beautiful. I thought Ann was pretty too but she is not model material she didn't well on 90% of her pics. I thought the final 3 should have been Eva, Toccarra, and YaYa too, not because of the color of the skin but thet did really well in their competitions. I can't wait for the next competition.

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