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Thread: America's Next Top Model 3 - The Final Photos

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaiGuy
    Eva's pic is my favorite by far (probably because she's my favorite). The only complaint I have is her right hand. It brings to mind the "baseball mitt" comment that Janice made in Eva's spider photo. Other than that, it is absolutely flawless.

    Yaya's is gorgeous but her smile looks forced and not real. I think she looks like Vivica A. Fox here (who's also gorgeous). I know I'm nitpicking here but her curls could have been more moisturized (like her knees in the street style challenge), especially when they're hitting the light.

    Amanda's is neutral to me. She looks good but nothing to call home about. I can see any of these in a magazine though pushing that CoverGirl lip gloss. I would actually be interested in who the girl was and what shade she was wearing, which is the whole point of the ad IMO.

    I agree with you on almost everything except that I like the way Eva placed her hands. It makes her stand out from Yaya and Amanda who both have their hands placed the same way. Eva's hands the way they are placed make her look fun, fresh and different from normal models. I could see pictures like Yaya's and Amanda's in any magazine right now. Besides differences in features and posing in modeling can make you stand out just by being controversial. Obviously Eva's hand postion makes her picture stand out because were talking about it.

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    all photos really great love amanda face...eva skin colour and yaya's hair..all beautifull

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    I think Eva's was easily the best. It wasn't even a contest for me, as soon as I seen em. And I was rooting for Yaya. Like I said in Yaya's thread, hers was good, Amanda's was good, but Eva's looked like it should already be in a magazine. She just looked so much more natural than Yaya and Amanda in her shot.

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    Wow! Amanda looks absolutely stunning (It's the prettiest I've seen her look), Eva's a knockout (For some reason, she reminds me of my grandmother in her pic), and Yaya looks kinda like Angela Bassett, very pretty.

    All three pictures are gorgeous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by memol
    Yaya looks like Whitney Houston in this picture! Don't you think?
    That's funny, I was just about to write that myself and then I read your line!

    I LOVE Amanda's eyes and hair - her hair seems to look somewhat strange in "real" life but when they do it up for the photo shoots, it is amazing!

    BUT, I think Eva's was the best photo overall - definitely what Cover Girl was going for in their flirty-and-fun photo shoot.

    I was glad that Ya-Ya wasn't the overall winner, her personality/attitude was really getting to me!

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    All 3 photos are so nice! I wish CoverGirl would use all 3 as ads. They appeal to 3 different markets. Yaya looks kind of like a southern belle in the picture, and would appeal to that demographic, while Eva looks very Cosmopolitan city girl, appealing to that demographic. Amanda has the classic beauty that would appeal to Middle-America.

    PS: Im not saying that southerners wouldn't like Evas or Amandas or the City Slickers wouldn't like Yaya's or Amanda's etc.

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    Haha bhanson I live in the south and we love Eva, yes I understand that you weren't saying that just saying that we absolutely LOVE Eva. Anyway the pictures are just GORGEOUS! ( Eva's in particular ) Eva nailed this shoot, it's so beautiful and warm and it really does make you want to smile. This picture by far comes in first place. I seriously wanted to buy WetSlicks after this shoot (credit to all 3 of the girls) Amanda's was very pretty but it didn't make me want to smile like Eva's , other than that I think it actually gave a good message to customers. Yaya's...a little disappointed but still pretty. The only thing that makes me mad is that hers really doesn't make you want to buy the product at all its looks like someone is forcing her to smile. Somehow I still like the photo alot but not as much as Ms.Diva Eva's and Amanda's.

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    Hey, just noticed, does anyone else think that Yaya's right hand (Her left) looks kinda funny?

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    56 looks a little different? lol

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    Wow.. Eva's is stunning, but Amanda was robbed I agree. These 2 were far more eye catching, not that Yaya's picture wasn't good. Just that Eva & Amanda's pictures jumped out of the page more, IMO.

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