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Thread: America's Next Top Model 3 - The Final Photos

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    Amanda's is by far the best. I think thats one of her best photos...ever. She NAILED it.

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    Eva's pic is my favorite by far (probably because she's my favorite). The only complaint I have is her right hand. It brings to mind the "baseball mitt" comment that Janice made in Eva's spider photo. Other than that, it is absolutely flawless.

    Yaya's is gorgeous but her smile looks forced and not real. I think she looks like Vivica A. Fox here (who's also gorgeous). I know I'm nitpicking here but her curls could have been more moisturized (like her knees in the street style challenge), especially when they're hitting the light.

    Amanda's is neutral to me. She looks good but nothing to call home about. I can see any of these in a magazine though pushing that CoverGirl lip gloss. I would actually be interested in who the girl was and what shade she was wearing, which is the whole point of the ad IMO.

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    hmmm i don't like how eva placed her hands. it's not as natural as amanda's and yaya's.

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    Wow. I love Amanda's picture. Her perfect pink-inner joy light blinded me.

    Honey Golden! Eva looks just too delicious to me. She's a true Honeychild. But what's up with her back (or is that her side??). She looked too deflated

    Yaya... has nothing on these girls. Lol! If the whole ANTM wasn't too rigged in first place, Amanda should've been in second place and Yaya be in third place,

    in my personally opinion.
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    i think yaya and eva are tied! amanda is sooo goood
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    They were my favorite pics of the cycle as well. Amanda's is very beautiful. I have to give the edge to Eva of course.. I loved the guest judge's quote "Looking at the picture makes me feel happier" I had to nab it for my av as well.. that being said, the people who said Eva and Amanda tie -- (Snowy for example).....lets just pretend there is no such thing as a tie and just for craps and giggles pick a #1 fav out of the two..

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    You're welcome everyone. It was a good season, and I will definitley be back for round 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by norelle4u
    I loved Amandas. I think hers was the best, then Eva's.

    Thanks, 13 times
    ditto norelle4u! amandas pic is gorgeous
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    Quote Originally Posted by 13 times
    You're welcome everyone. It was a good season, and I will definitley be back for round 4.

    Eva's picture is just infectious. That is what the Japanese designer meant when she said it made her happy to look at it. It makes me smile too.

    I like Amanda's photo except I find her hair a bit weird and I think the version posted earlier on this site was better (in the episode preview).

    Yaya just looks stiff & uncomfortable. Maybe she was pondering a difficult line of poetry or something because that is what she said she was thinking of during the actual shooting. In the judging I think she said she was thinking of her brother though. Think of bunnies and France Yaya! It worked for Amanda.

    I don't see how, based purely on these photos, they would advance Yaya over Amanda.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Yayas truly does not compare to Amanda's and Eva's. They are just gorgeous!

    I love Amandas, but Eva's just has something that is special.

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