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Thread: Cycle 5

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    Cycle 5

    There's going to be a cycle 5 the application is on the UPN web site. I don't know whether to be excited or overloaded. I think I'm going with excited

    I wonder who would host it since Tyra going on to do Talk Shows
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    i dont think tyra would give this show up, it is too big for her.

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    I read the news last year, after cycle 1 turned out to be a big hit, that UPN has signed 5 seasons of ANTM with Tyra. She's legally binded to do the show.

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    I though they had only signed on for 4 seasons and the one in the spring was the last one. Which is why I was so excited to see a Fifth season coming up. I thought Tyra was starting her Talk show in the spring.

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    All because she's doing a talk show doesn't mean ANTM still can't continue.

    I mean, I could see Tyra doing her talk show during the regular months and then do ANTM during the summer.

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    I just looked around online and it seems her talk show will come out next fall. I guess the last season of ANTM will coincide with that. Maybe it will give her talk show a boost. I bet that's why they've been showing more one on one talks with her during the season. She also cut her hair for they talk show so I guess in the next couple of seasons we'll see her with short hair.

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    I just would love for her to stay with the natural look, with her hair down and pulled slightly back, light, natural makeup, and wispy clothes. She is absolutely divine in that look.
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    Yeah she needs to get rid of the red

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    I read somewhere that UPN signed up for a 5th and 6th season because of the increasing success of the show. I really hope that it wont be ending any time soon. I'm so addicted; it would be like if I was addicted to Clorox fumes and then Clorox went out of business. Maybe not the best analogy but I'm sure everyone agrees that ANTM just can't end!!!!

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    It doesn't take that much time to shoot this show around her talk show. No reason why she couldn't do both.

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