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Thread: ANTM3 Finale Party Photographs.

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    Just for fun "Ann your so hot"~

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    Did anyone else see Kristi's double sided tape in the GettyImages? Oops!

    Nicole looks great - very modely. And Kelle and Magdalena look pretty amazing too.

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    Catie........looks great with the black hair. I had to do a double take.

    Yoanna.....that girl needs to find a better foundation color for her fair skin. It always seems to look so yellowish compared to the rest of her. And that's not the first time I've noticed that. She looked that way on that VH1 special on ANTM.

    Eva.........gorgeous. I'm so glad that she won.

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    Krispy Kreme


    Quote Originally Posted by gorobotgo
    Tyra looks awful!!!!!!

    What on earth was that woman thinking?

    Is it me or is she looking a little 'bigger' these days. I know she's not obese, but still. Way to let your figure go.

    I thought that Tyra was pregnant!!!

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    I think this is the best 'bitch' of the bunch!

    Still crazy, after all these shears

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    Yoanna - god I love her but she makes Amanda look like George Hamilton
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    Oh my gosh. For all the lecture about always looking like a top model, Trya looks horrible. She looks like their mommy. Scary. All the girls are very unattractive. Tocorrow needs to go on a diet. I'm sorry, but her next to Norelle is nasty.

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    Nice eye make-up, Tyra. Geez, she looks terrible in those pics. Way to follow your own advice about always posing for a picture--she looks completely oblivious in most of those shots.

    Awwww--I miss Norelle. What a cutie-pie!

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    WHOA how hot is Ann! She's back to that beautiful chocolate hair that fits her so perfectly and that dress DAMN! I think Ann and Eva look the best. YaYa would look just as good if she smiled. I dont get the magdelana love. I think she looks the worst but I think its just her face I never liked no offense lol. I think Yoanna looks great. Kelle looks really good also. Nicole looks great. I love her body in that dress.

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    They all appear to be wearing way too much makeup. The worst of the bunch is Tyra.

    Tocarra is looking chunkier than she did on the show. I know she's plus size, but she used to have a very sleek appearance to her full-size figure. Maybe it's the dress?

    It's too bad Magdalena wasn't there for the makeover segment. Although she looks outstanding in that dresss her hair is a mess and in need of a good cut.

    Why did Catie adopt the blonde in the back and black in the front look? I hope it was for a runway show or something. It looks hideous.

    What have they done with the beautiful Yoanna? She looks just awful. She usually photographs so incredibly and those pics of her were absolutely horrendous.

    Speaking of past winners, did Adrienne fall off the face of the earth?

    I think Amanda needs to consider using color in her wardrobe. The dress she was wearing is beautiful and it fit her wonderfully, but the color washes her out completely.

    Anne still takes a crappy picture. She looks like a man in a dress. The only person shel looked better than was Miss Jay, who looked a lot more feminine than Anne.

    Eva and YaYa looked the best in these pics. I'm glad they were the final two and initially I was upset that Eva won over YaYa, but after considering it, I think it came down to who needed it more. Eva definitely needs it. I think YaYa could get a gig on her own with the portfolio they set her up with.

    All in all not a bad season.

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