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Thread: ANTM3 Finale Party Photographs.

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    Ann's HOT!!

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    They all look wonderful! I have one comment thought! Why-o-why couldn't they get dresses that show off their bodies? Tocarra looks big in her dress and most of the girls were not very tall and they need something to show off their legs!! Those dresses covered them. Although I do agree that it was a good dress on Ann.

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    I agree that Ann looks totally hot. And Nicole looks really good, the boots are questionable!! ha ha. I didn't think either Norelle or Amanda look that great.... Amanad looks clowny with all that makeup and Norelle just doesn't look done up and put together. Just my opinion. I will miss this season.

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    There were so many pictures of Leah. She looked much better here then on the show. Also did anyone else notice Yaya's picture are labeled Kelle Jacob. I bet she loves that.

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    I've said it a couple of times and I'll say it again - they should not have cut Leah so early - she looks fantastic. Still not into Magdalena. I think Amanda looks very nice personally. TyTy looks like Vampirella or something from a b horror flick. Between her hair and her boobs she looks totally top heavy which is why she looks bigger. Yoanna - god I love her but she makes Amanda look like George Hamilton - too pale - I can't imagine what shade of makeup she must have to use (Clown white?). Ann actually looks very hot - where was THAT all season? I think her dress makes her look a little short though. Catie - well - looking btter, but..... meh. Kristi - why oh why are you here, doll? Norelle looks like a pop princess - still a sweetheart. Tocarra - girl you are going to have to find SOMETHING that lifts and separates. Cassie - very pretty in that malibu barbie kinda way. Ms. Jay looks like Oprah.

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    OMG Ann your so hot!!Hottest girl in the bunch!!
    Mag look very very cool too she should of stayed longer!
    I thought Leah was Kim from sex and the city! haha
    Kristi looked good with brown hair
    They way that Nicole did her hair was kinda meh~cause what she's wearing fits her punk style!
    Norelle look sweet like always!
    I thought Jay was hot!!!!
    Ann~~~~~~~~~The way she posed for the getty images reminded me of her Jamaica shot! cool Thanks for the pictures

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    Anyone else notice how they are all dressed the same?? Even some are wearing the same shoes! (Ann and Norelle). I wonder who sponsored that!

    Anyhoo -

    Amanda and Eva look great!

    Yaya looks good too, but a little pissed!

    Ann - absolutely gorgeous!! That bod is too die for!

    LOVE Kristi and Jennifer's new dark hair!!

    Julie looks blah - not like a model to me!

    Kelle looks fab! As does Toccara!

    Norelle looks "cute", but next to the rest of these ladies she definitely looks young and not quite like a model yet - give her a couple years though - she will be a bombshell!

    Nicole - looks beautiful, but the dress and boots - ick!

    Leah - WOW!! I really liked her from the start and wish she would have stayed longer, she looks gorgeous!

    Magdalena - scares me!

    Cassie - beautiful! Very pure and sweet! Wouldn't think she was a stripper

    Tyra - good lord! Fire your make-up artist!
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    They all look so different when not on the show. Seeing these shots really makes me wish Cassie, Kelle, Jennipher and Magdalena went further than they did. The others ... not so much.

    Ann looks so much like a younger Janice D. that it's frightening. And I love cleave as much as the next guy, but they're threatening to bust out and go on a rampage.

    Eva is a bit too spunky--she's full out commercial now. Wonder if she and Ann talked.

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    Tyra does look a lil chunkier.

    Ann is sooooo hot!! i love the dark hair on her.

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    We should count how many times "Ann is so hot" gets said in this thread.

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