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Thread: Eva & Covergirl Photos

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    Eva & Covergirl Photos

    UPN updated really fast this time!

    Amanda's combo of her blonde hair and blue eyes is just Heavenly. Eva's is equally as gorgeous, and I can't pick a favorite out of the two. Yaya's is behind the two of theirs in my eyes. I wish the quality wasn't bad! Why is UPN doing that. *grunt*

    That first photo is FABULOUS! Did you see it on the main homepage? FIERCE AS ANYTHING! Her photo with Tyra is just as great, much better than last season's icky Tyra/Yoanna one. Eva matches with Tyra perfectly. Look at their cheekbones! The last photo I couldn't get to load. Maybe later

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    wow eva looks amazing! eva's and tyra's eyes have the pretttiest colors!

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    Amanda's covergirl photo is by far the best. Eva's is okay, and Yaya's smile looks fake to me.

    I like that first pic of just Eva in the sepia tone.

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    Frosty Eva's photos are so so so so so so so so so breathtaking!

    Where did you find the first one on the UPN site?

    In regards to the CG shoots, you can so tell they fixed Amanda's teeth digitally, aswell as Eva's, maybe Yaya's aswell.

    I rank them in this order
    1.)Eva- Perfect honey skin, beautiful eyes, very approachable! Eva is the only one who looks really comfortable, and like she is actually laughing/smiling.
    2.)Yaya- Exqusite! She seems so soft, and nice in this photo; look at her bone structure! It's amazing!
    3.)Amanda- A beautiful shot, no doubt; but I just don't think she has the conventional look of a CoverGirl, is that a bad thing overall? Maybe not, but for this particular shoot, it was. Plus, Amanda looks very uncomfartable in this shot.
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    OMG Eva looks so great! I am sooooooo happy. Thnx for posting the pics

    by the way, does anyone else notice that yaya's left eye looks is pointing in the corner a lil too much she looks

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    Look at the photo gallery for the episode bHanson Eva's photos has her own little section.

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    She looks like a Top Model in those photos.

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    All three are very good... no wonder the judges had a hard time deciding. Like Janice said they were all winners in this photo shoot.

    What Amanda's missing is the confidence in front of the judges. She was so timid. Both Yaya and Eva were able to joke with the judges and carried a decent conversation. Amanda was just too quiet (maybe it's the editing). All she said was she wanted to cry. That did her in.

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    Hmmm, interesting that in the Eva/Tyra beauty shot, Eva has a very "clean" look, and Tyra has a face full of paint.
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    Hottness! Eva's photo is the only one that looks like she is smiling and posing naturally. Yaya looks reserved and Amanda looks uncomfortable.

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