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Thread: What is a Top Model?

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    What is a Top Model?
    Not the contestants of this show if the portfolio of the past winners jobs are any indication. Japanese commercials ? Surreal Life ? That is the bottom of the reality show barrel. Thats pretty low when you consider applying for any reality show is usually only for washed up performers and pro media whores. If the best they can get a winner of the premiere season by now is a stint on Surreal life, It doesn't speak very highly of these poor contestants and their future. These girls don't have Top Model in the future. A Top Model is one that clients ask beg and plead for their services, no matter what the cost or contract riders.

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    Haha Eny love the avatar!
    Anyway Imo.. A top model is a model who could be fierce or comercial,could do photoshoots and runway, knows how to sell products and is versatile.Thats my description

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