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Thread: Looking back... Pick your final three!

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    Quote Originally Posted by englishteach65
    I'd really like Amanda to win but she has a couple of things working against her:legally blind and older
    I will be annoyed as heck if the judges bust this out on her. I mean, they knew she was 25 years old when she came on the show and SOMEONE had to have known she was going blind. So to know that and still keep her on, then dump her for it. LAME.

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    here's what I THINK (not want) will happen...

    3. Yaya- They've portrayed her as having a bad attidude, thus she could never win.
    2. Amanda- Like someone else said, they'll pull an April and tell her she doesn't have personality.
    1. Eva-

    sorry I just can not see Eva as a model at all.

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    Go Eva!!....Yada yada is uppity and Amanda is freaky looking

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    My personal top 3:
    1) Nicole
    2) Eva
    3) Amanda

    Predicted Outcome:
    3-- Eva (perhaps height will be a factor)
    2-- Amanda (gorgeous pics, not the brightest presence remaining)
    1-- Yaya (don't want her to win)

    Should be:
    3- Yaya
    2- Eva
    1- Amanda

    I'll be happy if Eva or Amanda wins. Yaya is way too cocky for me, and has too much attitude.

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    When the UPN web page first came up, I was OBSESSED with Amanda's picture. Since she was the first of the 'new group' that I saw, I was amazed that they could keep the quality of contestants up after already having 2 previous 'cycles'. She was the only one who had the 'wow' factor with me. Actually, I'm lieing. I think I was amazed by Norelle at the time, to. She looked more unique than Amanda, to me. But I had this sneaky suspicion that she wouldn't win because she was too different.
    After I looked at the web page for a while and looked at their (exremely short) profiles, I pretty much knew that Amanda, Yaya and Norelle or Nicole would be in the final 3.
    On first glance, I *knew* Ann sucked. I also thought that Eva was crappy and tried too hard. I figured Tocarra would be the diva/bitch.
    As for everyone else, I figured they wouldn't play into the final episodes much.

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    The only thing Eva could do is photoshoots(and even those im not crazyy about).I would hate seeing her on the runwayplease make the right desicion make amanda the winner

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    Iluvtv2, you're skilled!!! I'm very impressed.

    My ideal three would have been:
    3) Cassie
    2) Norelle
    1) Nicole

    I predict tonight it will go:
    3) Yaya
    2) Amanda
    1) Eva

    I kind of want Amanda to win, but I really don't care. The top 3 have never been so disappointing.

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    My Preshow prediction was:
    3.) Anne
    2.) Norelle
    1.) Yaya

    My Ideal Top 3, All girls:
    3.) Eva
    2.) Norelle
    1.) Yaya

    My Ideal order of the remaining girls:
    3.) Amanda
    2.) Eva
    1.) Yaya

    What will probrably happen:
    3.) Yaya
    2.) Amanda
    1.) Eva

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    I think its gonna be
    Even though i wish Amanda would win

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    3. Yaya - Terrible skin, snotty attitude, some lovely pictures but that isn't enough.
    2. Amanda - Pretty but too old to win, won't be able to compete with girls 10 years younger than her!
    1. Eva - Young, hip, pretty. She's really grown on me, and I think she'll be the winner of the competition. She's come a long way since the beginning!

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