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Thread: Who do you think will be most successful?

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    Well for this season...judging by who's done best all around (Go-sees, runway, photoshoots, challenges etc) my four (yes, only four) who would actually be able to function in the modelling industry are (In NO order):

    Yaya. She takes awesome pictures fairly consistantly, she was the favourite for the go-sees, she's capable on the runway, and has rocked her challenges. She'll do well however, if she drops the attitude.
    Nicole. She takes pictures that I would expect to see in a magazine today. She did well on her go-sees, she's fine on the runway, and she just is one of the only girls this season who really screams "model!!"
    Toccara. I think she has a good future as a plus size model ahead of her, I honestly do. It's a growing industry, and I think she can make it in her category. She takes beautiful pictures, is capable on the runway and can charm the pants off anybody. I see her as a Sophie Dahl (before she lost all the weight) or Mia Tyler.
    Amanda. For her five remaining years of sight she could do a whole lot. Her photos are unique and breathtaking, she's remarkably capable on the runway for someone with such severe vision problems, and I can totally see her rocking the red carpet.

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    I think Cassie has a nice, blank look, she's tall and young, and took very nice photos. If she actually tried, she might have a chance. But I was pretty annoyed with her behavior on the show, and what I read in interviews, esp. her silly bashing of Marc Bower (sp), the designer who told her she habig thighs. Bad move!

    I can't really see any of these ladies doing particularly well in the industry, except for Tocarra. The plus size industry generally allows models to start later (not when they're 14), she can photograph well, and she has a huge fan base. I think the show dropped the ball with her.

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    Ann - can take the runway anytime. She needs to improve her posing, creativity and "photogenicity" - is there such a word?
    Norelle - takes good pictures, need to improve presence and walk.
    Eva - she's a glamour girl. she takes good pictures, walks very good on the runway. just a bit short.
    Nicole - why not?

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    Well, the modeling industry is getting quite brutal these days. Plus, designers seem to be using famous actresses and singers far more than models, so it's hard to say if any of these models will be truly "successful".

    I'm hoping that Amanda will become a model. Her photographs are fantastic, and they SELL the products very well. And she looks very striking and very different from the usual models. It's too bad that her blindness may cut her career short, but I see no problem with a blind model in photographs.

    Hopefully Eva and Yaya will succeed as well. Eva can be the first not-so-tall model with attitude and Yaya can be the first extremely-smart-Ivy-League model with um....worse attitude, hehe.

    Norelle might be a huge hit in Japan. She looks like an anime doll and does love Hello Kitty, but she needs to polish up her Japanese first.

    Nicole also has a pretty good chance, because she's VERY photogenic.

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    yaya, manda, norelle, ann, nicole

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    I think all of the final 7 will have a career or some sort.
    Tocarra might be one of the more successful, as the plus sized community isn't quite as competitive. And everyone loves her.
    Nicole is one of the best models to be on the show, so I'm sure someone will recognize that. And if not, she can try acting for sure.
    Norelle. Well, Japan will eat her up (as said before).
    Ann will make it on runway. I'm not a huge Ann fan, but she's pretty high fashion and not commercial at all, and a contest like this is pretty biased against a model like that.
    Yaya will probably be the least successful of this bunch, but she has a talent that will take her places if she ever realizes she's not the best person alive.
    Amanda is the best model of the season, and people will want to cash in on having the blind girl model for them. Everyone loves a good sob story. And it's always a plus to have a really talented sob story working for them
    Eva will win, because she's wonderful in almost every aspect. I honestly don't see her becoming a huge diva like we've heard Yoanna has become, but I bet her attitude will get attention. Much like Tyra's nice attitude did, except a little more "blunt" than "sweet". And being such a fighter, she won't allow herself to fail.

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    Ann will definitely be successfil!!

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    1)ANN! she is sooo beautiful she has an AMAZING AMAZING body she's very good at commercials and I LOVEEEEEEE HER WALK
    i just can't take my eyes out of her!
    2)AMANDA-she rocks her eyes are to die for
    3) NORELLE- I believe she can do well she is very gorgeous.

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    Ann for the runway, although I hate her very much because Nicole and Norelle get eliminated before her. :phhht

    I could see Yaya, Eva, Amanda, Toccara will be successful for future of them.

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    Ann - You all know how I feel about Ann. (I like how almost everyone has listed her depite the outcry about her position in the top four.)
    Norelle - A lot of model qualities there.
    Amanda - Very unique, very photogenic.
    Eva - I don't know what she would be best suited for, but Eva was obviously made for the spotlight.
    Toccara - Again, the star power.
    Cassie - Commercial, but very pretty.

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