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Thread: The Worst Photo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry_hippo
    I just realised how bad Kelles D&B shot looks as though the disco ball is gonna fall on her and shes trying to hold it up.

    Kelle: *Profusely sweating.*

    Where's your gated community NOW?

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    FORT Fogey
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    I actually think her shot is one of the best. Far better than Toccara's, Jennipher's, Cassie's, and Yaya's (depending on who you ask).

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    I actually liked Kelle's D&B shot, also. I liked Kelle when she was on the show, and it's no secret she wasn't as photogenic as the other girls, but I liked a couple of her shots, D&B included.

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    286 know...the D&B shot is Kelle's best...

    But...then again...

    That isn't saying much of anything at all.

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    Portfolio 1 Swimsuit: Magdalena - Just open your eyes a little bit further and maybe they'll fall out
    Portfolio 2 Beauty: Kristi - Please put your teeth back in their cage
    Portfolio 3 Lee: Kelle (without question) - She looks like she's giving herself a mamogram and discovered a breast lump. That's a true face of agony!
    Portfolio 4 DB: Toccara - It looks like her friend is across the street and she's yelling "HEEEEEEY GURLFRIEND!"
    Portfolio 5 Stinger: Ann - Because she is happily licking the air and doing her "d,ead rotting cadaver" pose
    Portfolio 6 Mustang: Amanda - Sadly, Amanda's Joan Rivers look is doing nothing for me
    Portfolio 7 Diamonds: Toccara - The tarantula looks ready to devour her head and she's just smiling. Ann is a close second because it looks like the tarantula already bit her and her head began to swell
    Portfolio 8 T-Mobile: Ann - She looks like she is playing cell phone football and screaming "It puts the lotion on its skin!!!"
    Portfolio 9 Anime: Eva - As I stated in another thread, she looks like a cow ready to regurgitate balls of grass from her fourth stomach

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    Portfolio 1- Swimsuit - Magdalena
    Portfolio 2- Beauty - Kelle
    Portfolio 3- Lee Jeans - Kelle
    Portfolio 4- Dooney and Burke - Toccara (she's not doing anything)
    Portfolio 5- YJ Stinger - Ann
    Portfolio 6- Mustang - Toccara
    Portfolio 7- Diamonds - Toccara
    Portfolio 8- Kimono - Ann
    Portfolio 9- Anime - Yaya

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    mmm its hard for me to pick just one bad photo because some photo shoots had a lot of equally bad photos (think YJ stinger)


    Portfolio 1- Swimsuit - Amanda
    Portfolio 2- Beauty - Norelle (she looked like a little kid)
    Portfolio 3- Lee Jeans - Kelle
    Portfolio 4- Dooney and Burke - Amanda
    Portfolio 5- YJ Stinger - Norelle (IT WAS FREAKY!!!!!!)
    Portfolio 6- Mustang - Toccara
    Portfolio 7- Diamonds - Norelle
    Portfolio 8- Kimono - Ann (oh I was so sad when I saw that photo, I really wanted to see Ann doing good!)
    Portfolio 9- Anime - Amanda

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    Jamaica - Julie ( I HATED the bird pose - at least the other bad ones could be soft porn or SOMETHING - this is NOTHING) Magdalena was a close second for worst - glad she got cut early
    Beauty - Kristi - poor girl
    Lee Jeans - yeah Kelle - even though I liked the poor girl
    D&B - Cassie - Ugh what is up with that - Carmen Miranda on crack?
    Stinger - Ann - that was just wrong
    Mustang - Norelle - The whole Stop in the Name of Love throws me, her face is a question and honestly I don't think the Amazon is that strong either - the makeup is wearing her and the pose isn't as fierce as it could be.
    Diamonds - Ann - she is leering a little too much
    Kimono - Eva - there was something about it that just made me feel - wrong
    Anime - Yaya - she totally looks like Dennis Rodman in Too Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar - I keep saying it but I can't get that image out of my head ("Oh Fringe! No! This is MINE!")

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    Jamaica - Eva
    Beauty Shot - Norelle
    Lee Jeans - Kelle
    D&B - Toccara
    YJ Stinger - Ann
    Mustang - Norelle/Amanda (tie)
    Diamond - Toccara
    Kimono - Ann
    Anime - Ann

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    jamaica - kelle, her picture reminds me of toy story 2 when miss potato head says "i am going to pack your angry eyes"
    beauty shot- julie, everytime i see that picture i wanna move the hair out of her face
    lee jeans- kelle, and to think that was her best shot
    d&b- eva, not that she didn't look pretty, but you couldn't see her face well enough
    yj stinger- cassie, bride of frankenstein
    diamond- toccara, spider took over her pretty face
    kimono- ann, i think her body looked great but her face was unattractive
    anime- yaya, yes the girl gremlin from gremlins

    hughfire that is wesley snipes in to wong foo, but i do agree
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