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Thread: The Worst Photo.

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    FORT Regular
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    Mar 2006
    S2: Garden Of Eve : Bethany
    Steve Madden : Heather
    Laundry : Heather
    Celebrities : Jenascia
    Queench : Xiomara
    Beauty Shots : Catie
    Solstice : April
    Italian Sensual : April
    High End Beauty Shot : Yoanna

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    Mar 2006
    Cycle 3

    Jamacia - Leah
    Beauty Shot - Kelle
    Lee Jeans - Kelle
    Disco - Toccara
    YJ Stinger - Toccara
    Mustang - Yaya
    Verragio Spider Brooch - Ann(is still good)
    T-mobile - Ann
    Anime - Eva
    Covergirla- Amanda

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    avy by martinique ANTM Mega Fan's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Garden Of Eve: Catie
    Steve Madden: Heather
    Laundry: Xio
    Celebrity: Shandi
    Underwater: Xiomara
    Beauty: Camille
    Milan Nudes: Shandi
    High-Edge: Shandi
    Solstice: Camille
    "What it do, Shawty?"-Natasha Galkina

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    Okay, the worst photo's from cycle 5 IMO:

    1. superhero: Kim
    2. Country Couture - ebony
    3. Fashion Monster - sarah
    4. plastic surgery - jayla
    5. Secret - Nik
    6. 1940 pinup - jayla
    7. Wildboyz - Jayla
    8. Phonebooth - Jayla
    9. Modern art - Kim
    10. Bollywood - Jayla
    11. Covergirl - none

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    Jul 2006
    The Worst from CYCLE 5:

    superhero - Ebony, Kyle
    Country Couture - Diane
    Fashion Police - Sarah, Lisa
    plastic surgery - Kim
    Secret - Bre
    1940 pinup - Nicole
    Black & White - Bre
    Wildboyz - Jayla
    Phonebooth - all good...
    Modern art - Bre
    Bollywood - Nicole
    Covergirl - Bre

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    Apr 2006
    The Worst from cycle 5 imo too

    superhero - All except nik, cassandra, and lisa
    Country Couture - ebony
    Fashion Police - Sarah and bre
    plastic surgery - diane
    Secret - Bre
    1940 pinup - bre
    Black & White - Bre
    Wildboyz - Jayla
    Phonebooth - bre
    Modern art - Bre
    Bollywood - bre
    Covergirl - Bre

    as you can tell i hate bre!

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    Smilin' with her eyes As-Tom's Avatar
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    Europe, The Netherlands
    Since nobody posted here since c5 And because the c8 girls are not yet revealed.. I'm posting the second worse too because some bad onces are just too obvious

    Bald - Leslie - Nothing there.
    Kari - Nothing there, weird shaped head, lips weird, only nice pic because of the makeup

    Falling - Kari - Meh.
    Nnenna - Say what? No-thing there

    Cover - Gina - I don't like the angle of her face, and the pose is safe
    Jade - It's not bad.. just not interesting, at all Brooke's feauteres look strange and not actually beautiful but at least interesting

    Career - Leslie - I didn't liked it, dunno, just nothing there
    Gina - Imagine what she could've done with that thing she's holding (dunno the word for it in English) and the meat next to her

    Krump - Danielle - Don't like the pose and the angle..
    Sara - I don't like the pose

    Crying - Danielle - Although she can't help it.. The 3 tears rolling are killing me, it makes it fake and unbelievable Other then that, too much hand and in this shot it would've been prettier if she closed her mouth
    Jade - No emtion, don't like her mouth, the angle isn't doing much for me either But she is at least more believeable

    Doll - Nnenna - Nothing there
    Sara - She's looking bored, and is not giving anything.. Brooke at least is giving something, although it's not really pretty

    Mermaid - Nnenna - Are you kidding me? Her arms hang there as if they're doing something, but they're doing nothing Her face is just, meh The only thing I see is a little smile.. Girl, you just got caught, they're going to put you in a museum, why are you smiling?!
    Danielle - Is just hanging there.. doing nothing with her face, all I read from it, I'm hanging upside down, pretending to be a caught mermaid and now all I need to do is being pretty while pretending And it's not convincing me

    Elephant - Furonda - I don't like the pose, the part where you can see too much of her underwear And her facial expression
    Jade - Stiff. (+ nothing in the eyes)

    Swimsuit - Danielle - It's doing nothing for me The pose is.. And I don't like the angle of her head, and the facial expression And her right hand makes me ask myself a lot of question; What is it doing where it is, why is it there, what on earth was she thinking (sortof) 'holding' her swimsuit If she just placed her hand on her hip it would be fine, but holding the swimsuit.. it looks like she's about to pull it down
    Sara - It's not terrible.. I just can't help but ask myself the question; Why is she holding that stick? And I don't like (sorry, she probrably can't help that) the ribs, waist and hips

    Covergirl - Jade - I actually like all tree But her face is looking a bit unsemetrical (sp?) And I think in this shot I would've liked it if she'd look at the camera.. and not away
    Danielle - Dunno actually.. I like Joanie's a bit more
    "A group who forms a unit that excludes people on the persuasion that you hate a person [Paloma] is bullying and it's bitchy. Who instigated this [Jordan] is an absolute moron and who took part in it and encouraged it [Anika, Danica, Sophie, Alice] are even bigger morons." - Charlotte Dawson. Amen!

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    The Tyrant~ Kahlen_rocks's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Bald - Furonda

    Falling - Kari

    Cover - Jade

    Career - Jade

    Commercial- Jade

    Krump - Nnena

    Crying - Danielle

    Doll - Nnena

    Mermaid - Nnena

    Elephant - Furonda

    Swimsuit - Danielle

    Covergirl - Danielle


    Model S- Melrose

    HW- Megg

    W runway- Megg

    Circus Freaks- Megg

    Celebrity Couple- Eugena

    Novel- Eugena

    CG skydiving- Jaeda

    Commercial- Cari

    Matadore- Melrose

    Nymph- Melrose

    CG- Melrose
    Shooting with the elephant, it reminds me of an ancient
    dinosaur, because they are in the dinosaurs family ,

    === Jade, Cycle 6===

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    avy by martinique ANTM Mega Fan's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Cycle Seven:

    Stereotypes: Monique
    Hair Wars: Eugena
    Runway: Eugena
    Freaks: Megg
    Couples: AJ
    B&W: Melrose
    Space CoverGirls: All Bad (Cept Melrose)
    Bulls: Amanda
    Nymphs: Eugena
    CoverGirl: Melrose
    "What it do, Shawty?"-Natasha Galkina

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    FORT Fogey viv_smi98's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Stereotypes: Megg
    Hair Wars: Eugena
    Runway: Megg
    Freaks: Megg
    Couples: AJ
    Space: Jaeda
    Bulls: Caridee
    Nymphs: Amanda
    CoverGirl: Caridee

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