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Thread: ANTM Birthdays

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    ANTM Birthdays

    Does anyone know the birthdays of any of Season 3 ANTM girls? I'm an astrology freak and I need to know. Last season they had every girl's birthdate and year on the UPN site. Let me know if anyone has any

    All I could find was Ann, and she's an Aries...
    (I had a link to her college water polo profile, but this site says I'm too new to post links) :phhht

    It took me about a year (of checking every couple months) to find Elyse's birthday. She's a Gemini!!! I found it on her Wilhelmina online profile because she got a contract with them too, but now I can't find it anymore. I think it was June 10 or 11, 1983.

    Let me know YOUR birthdays and years too! It's usually Geminis and other air signs who are the ones addicted to reality tv. Let me know, I'm interested.

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    Oh, I'd love to know the girl's birthdays.

    I wish people would ask during the chats!

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    I do ask during the chats, but they only pick questions pertaining to the show and the drama usually.

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    I strongly suspected that Norelle's might be a libra.... I could be wrong but whatever...

    I'm libra. Lol. That's why. I just do see her and I have a lot of commons. We just get along with everyone, it's just came naturally for me and for her too. That has been said that libras are the most popular social of all zodiac signs. And we're a lil bit of airheads too. (However, I'm way smarter than her.)
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    I think Norelle's a Libra or a Pisces. Usually, people can tell who's their same sign because of similarities, like you said . I look around every couple weeks for their birthdays, as time goes on, they're easier to find , but still sometimes never found .

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    Eva seems like a Sagitarius (button pusher)
    Norelle seems like a Aquarius (goofy)
    Yaya seems like a Virgo (boo-zhee)
    Amanda seems like a Gemini (fake)
    Ann could be any sign

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    Hmm, I tried checking IMDB to see if I could get any birthdates for you, GeminiMoon, but alas they only had listings for the girls from the first two ANTM cycles.

    Sorry about that. Anyway, I wonder when they'll have this season up. I'm pretty curious to know what signs they are too, I love astrology.

    Just for the record, I happen to be a Pisces myself.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    I've looked and have had no luck. For the record, I'm an Aquarius.

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    I'd love to know their birthdays. I hope Norelle is a Libra. I'm a Libra

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANTMrox
    Amanda seems like a Gemini (fake)

    I am a Gemini, but not a fake one

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