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Thread: ANTM Birthdays

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    Here are my guesses...

    Ann-I think it has been confirmed she is an Aries. No surprise, really.
    Yaya-I would say she is definitely a Leo. Proud, egotistical, aloof but fire burning beneath the surface, regal, self centered...and accomplished. Plus I have read Leo women tend to be striking.
    Norelle-Libra. If there is an identifiable Libra, she is it. (Watch me be wrong though )
    Eva-A Sagittarius. Those who have said it before...loud, opinionated, confrontational, and hilarious. Her eyes are large and full of depth, another Sag characteristic.
    Amanda-Probably an air sign...I am leaning towards Gemini as well...but she could also be a Pisces.

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    Ann's birthday April 10 1983 -Aries
    I couldnt have guess that Ann's an Aries though.
    Norelle - Libra is still my guess.
    Yaya - Possibly Leo... or Aquarius.
    Eva.. I doubt she's saggi though. Saggis like to be liked. Usually.. I know a saggi whos abit like Eva but Eva's too 'not bothered' to fit my idea of a Saggi. *shrugs* speculations, could be wrong. I do agree with the cancer thingy though for Eva.
    Saggis are known to be attractive and also quite double minded. They take on so many things because so many things interest them but they often find that they can't fulfil all of them, so they're prone to break promises.
    I can't read Amanda at all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    Darn it, first us Sagittarians were labelled button pushers and now we are egotistical as well? :phhht I'm sure there must be some positive traits for Sagitarrians!
    I'm sorry! I should have said this... there's a rule that goes for all astrology that people of one sign have all different traits and types. I don't think all Sagittarius' are egotistical at all. Just a large percentage. I think there's multiple personality types for each sign. For example there's the egotistical, strongly independent Sagittarius, there's the observer Sagittarius, there's the philosophical, worldy Sagittarius, there's the alchoholic Sagittarius, there's the outspoken, loud-talking Sagittarius, there's the OCD Sagittarius (usually male - anal about cleaning and organization), there's the artistic Sagittarius, I could go on forever. There's positive and negative traits, but no one has them all, they'll have a few select one. That's also why I think Yaya's a Sag, she is egotistical, independent, worldy, outspoken, and artistic. It's weird though, because Sag's usually radiate the Sag traits more than any other sign. I dunno why. I love Sagittarius's! Especially the females, they're usually very cool.

    Astridr, I can't read Amanda either. That's weird. A lot of you think she's a Gemini and I can never call Gemini's because they're all so different, so maybe you guys are right.

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    Wasn't this show taped this summer? Well Amanda's b-day was on the show so her b-day could be in june, july, or august. Eva's a sophomore in college right. 19. She's due up for a b-day. So she might have had a b-day after the show ended or right before the show started. I'm thinking hers is somewhere between the end of July and October.

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    Im an astrological freak as well, and for a long time, ive been wondering what's Yaya's sign, and I go with Sagg. She's kinda a "text book" person, all "clever" and "proper", nice manners and stuff. I rarely see Yaya's true emotions like the rest of the girls. The might seem as cold people, but if you really(IF you really lol) get to know them, there quite the charmer.

    I say Norelle is a Tauros or maybe even a Cancer. She sorta has that "duh" look and character of a Tauros, but she also has the sweetness, playful "child inside" like the typical Cancer. Cancers also rarely gets into trouble like Norelle I say.

    Eva, I'll say is most likely a Leo, very self-centered, like she master's the group. Calling for atention and loud. But there also fun to be and there's always entertainment on hand!

    Amanda's prob a Gemini, the reason is clearly explain here, and since the show was taped this summer, shes def. not a Cancer or Leo(maybe a bit) but most likely Gemini.

    Ann? hard to say, Aries goes well with her or maybe even Capricorn. She can also be a Cancer due to being "needy". Needs a "mom" a pair to walk(hey ima Cancer so lol) So these are my predictions. We'll see the truth, I hope!
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    In which episode was Amanda's birthday on the show? I don't remember and I've seen each episode tons of times?

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    i know someone who knows Nicole--she is a pisces!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeminiMoon42
    In which episode was Amanda's birthday on the show? I don't remember and I've seen each episode tons of times?
    I think that was her son's birthday they were celebrating. Her son is a Gemini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    Darn it, first us Sagittarians were labelled button pushers and now we are egotistical as well? :phhht I'm sure there must be some positive traits for Sagitarrians!

    yeah, we're the coolest people in the zodiac! our color is purple, the sign of royalty. We have many friends and are dearly loved even though our feet live in our mouths (oh, just read back over my posts... La ti da)

    The bigger problem with identifying the signs is that of course the ascendent is typically what you see when you first meet a person, typically. At first Eva seemed dark and nasty then ultimately was the honest funny outgoing friendly one... so she seems like a Sagittarius with a scorpio ascendent. Yaya is ALL capricorn. I have never met a humorless mean spirited sag. She is all business - cold.. I think she's all Cap. I thought Nicole was also a scorpio, like that's what shines out of her, darkness. (darkness shining? who knew?) and I thought Ann would be a Cancer considering how clingy she is, but maybe she has a cancer moon...

    I think Toccara seems like a leo/cancer cusp... Norelle would make the perfect libra, because she doesn't seem sensitive enough to be a water laden pisces... I think Norelle's an air sign, libra or aquarius...

    Amanda has to be a gemini or have a gemini ascendent, she has at least two different personalities! plastic Kelle - libra? art, fashion... cluelessness. Fits the bill.

    Ann & Eva hit it off instantly, smells like Fire power to me. I definitely think Eva's a sag.. MAYBE a leo.. but probably a sag.

    I wanna know!

    Edit: Ann has a pisces moon, a water sign like my previous cancer guess. Thats what makes her clingy and weepy.
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    Courtney Love, here's is Ann's stuff (besides ascendent of course) - she's all Aries, Taurus and Sagittarius. Her moon is on the cusp of Aries and Pisces so we don't know which unless we have a birthtime which we will NEVER find. I can see Pisces moon though. I can't believe Ann has so much Aries and Sag because she acts like a much more sensitive yet hard sign. I thought she'd be a Taurus or Capricorn. She does have a lot of Taurus though.

    I also agree with you about seeing the ascendent first in someones personality. Too bad it's such a pain in the ass to find that out. I can only find super-mega-huge or deceased celebrities birthtimes. What's your moon and ascendant?

    What's everyone's sun/moon/ascendent if you know it?

    Sun Gemini
    Moon Gemini
    Ascendent Cancer
    Mercury Cancer
    Venus Gemini
    Mars Virgo
    Jupiter Virgo
    Saturn Virgo
    Uranus Scorpio
    Neptune Sagittarius
    Pluto Libra

    Sun 21' 03' Aries
    Moon 00' 0-52' Aries (could be Pisces - most likey is)
    Mercury 07' 00' Taurus
    Venus 27' 41' Taurus
    Mars 04' 25' Taurus
    Jupiter 10' 34' Sagittarius
    Saturn 01' 54' Scorpio
    Uranus 08' 45' Sagittarius
    Neptune 29' 11' Sagittarius
    Pluto 28' 14' Libra

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