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Thread: This Weeks Insider Video

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    This Weeks Insider Video

    I find that there is so much you can learn from the ANTM Insider Video, it deserves a thread for discussion. Hopefully there are others who agree, so Discuss, discuss....

    I thought they should have had "Shooting Diamonds" in the broadcast, as it let's us in on just how difficult this shoot was (Each Frame was actually shot TWICE, once lit/focused for the model, then lit/focused for the diamonds).

    Seeing Yaya's entire redcarpet interview, I think that I can understand why she won the competition (she opened up alot more than the other girls did, and yet kept it all positive).
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    I know! Watching the insider helps make sense of a lot of things. AND they usually have more of Nicole in the insider videos than in the actual show.

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    Taking a walk today, I was just thinking about how we needed a thread like this...
    Some of the clips are so long; together they're like an episode unto themselves, and I love getting the footage mostly uncut. When it comes to the judging, you can see how the panel is more constructive than they appear on the show.

    The "Shooting Diamonds" clip was definitely interesting.

    Ann's "Linebacker" video was so boring it cracked me up. The stylist gave her little to no advise, and only said "you need to diversify your wardrobe" about fifty different ways, while Ann answered, "Mm-hm... yeah... mm-hm..."

    I felt sorry for Yaya, having to clean up the kitchen with only Amanda's help before her dinner. And I laughed when she turned "clips" and "snippets" into "clippets." And I loved how Eva asked Ann to bake a cake with her at one in the morning. (The amount of baking that goes on in the house absolutely floors me.)

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