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Thread: Newspaper Interview with ANTM's Cassie

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    That wasn't a very interesting interview at all - The questions were so plain and boring =/

    Also, I really hope Salome is right because I too believe that she knows she has an eating disorder, she just doesnt want the whole world to be involved - and to be honest, neither would I if I had one.

    P.S Thanks Mantenna for the interview

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    Quote Originally Posted by -ANTM-
    No kidding! She'd be able to go on Oprah and chances are Oprah (being that Tyra's her protege to begin with) would pay for her University and help her out too. Oh well.
    Cassie, I hope you're reading this!! As the old saying goes honesty is the best policy ...........Anyway I know a few Oklahoma-to-NYC transplants and they have a love-hate relationship with NYC. You can hear them say "I love NY" and "I hate NY" within the same hour

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    Quote Originally Posted by nausicaa
    I think what was not said in that interview echoes louder than what was. There are words there that I don't believe, the accusation about the editing, for one... Even if the editing did magical tricks, you could still smell the self-defeat a mile away, and this interview doesn't convince me otherwise.
    You know, just for a lark, I went and clicked on some of those insider video clips on the ANTM site (which are interesting, BTW) and even the girls in the house were talking about how miserable Cassie was and how she didn't want to be there anymore, so I don't think it was just the editting.

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    Yeah, if she admitted her problems, did the talk show circuit, I think people would rush to embrace and support her. But as it is, I don't see this happening. Its too bad.
    Now if only 18-year-old Mary-Kate admits her adult problems.... Someone Cassie can look up to.

    "Mary-Kate is my thin-spiration."

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