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Thread: Elimination change? **Spoilers**

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    Elimination change? **Spoilers**

    I don't know if this has been posted before, but in the latest issue of Seventeen (not exactly high fashion, but I'm 15), it says about ANTM: "In a twist as stunning as the models themselves, we hear the girls will become part of the judging process and eliminate their competition by voting each other off the series in November." I think it sounds really stupid, because then the best model could be voted off because other girls didn't like her. Anyone hear anything else about this?

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    wow that is incredibly dumb. obviously they'll just vote off the girl that they find the bitchiest, or if their smart, they'll vote off their biggest competition.

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    That does sound dumb. Like Survivor-Model or something.

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    Their biggest competition? They'd probably vote off Amanda (miss perfecto) even though I don't see her winning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    That does sound dumb. Like Survivor-Model or something.
    That's what I thought. I liked ANTM because it wasn't like other reality tv shows.

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    I can't see Tyra giving up her executive privilege... it would be a wild card if the ladies voted, and might set up an anticlimatic finish.

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    Maybe they'll have them vote but, rather than actually eliminating the woman with the most votes, use it for some sort of lesson about the cutthroat nature of the modeling world .

    If they did that, the women who got votes would wonder who voted against them--especially if they got more votes than the number of people they count as potential enemies. It would add an amazing amount of tension and drama and really stir things up without Tyra having to give up any control as far as who actually goes home.

    They've done stuff like this on The Bachelor (which I've quit watching ). They asked the women to vote for the one they thought was least compatible with the bachelor, and that woman ended up getting a really great date with him. So I can see ANTM doing a vote but there being a twist to it.
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    The other reason I think this is a really bad idea is because at least with those in the business doing the judging, the prize sponsors can at least be reasonably confident that they'll give them the best possible girl to work with, acts of god, stumbles, stupid comments, and butt barings notwithstanding. If the girls do the elimination, with all the attendant possibilities for collusion and sabotage, can you imagine Cover Girl being as willing to sign on for a $100,000 contract? I can't.

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    Emily 16
    I think it would be stupid to change how the elimination process is done. The girls don't know anything about the real modelling industy and most likely won't judge each other on their pictures, but rather if they like the person or not. It would be cool if one of the last winners came in as a judge, but voting each other off makes no sense.
    I read Seventeen sometimes too, do you know which issue this information is in, eyelined chick?

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    Yeah... this is not about winning a million dollars, it's model boot camp!

    Come to think of it, that does sound stupid. What are the 'expert' opinions and judges evals for if the girls are just gonna vote off the person they least like the most? What then is the point of doing your best?

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