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Thread: Wondering About the Photo Shoots...hmmm

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    Actually, those freakish clown wigs were popular back in the mid nineties, when Commes des Garcons used them on the runway for quite some time. By the way, I wouldn't call Elsie Katz very 'current' as her designs lack inspiration and any sort of distinguishing feature.

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    I have a subscription to Vogue, and, while you'll see something odd occasionally, that's the rare exception. This show is much more extreme, but then I see it as pushing the boundaries. And, hey, they get quite the portfolio in the end. If I girl can pose in rollerskates on a trampoline with a tarantula on her face, well maybe that will give her an edge over the other model just wearing a pretty dress.

    [tangent]Something else I've noticed in Vogue and in the above pictures, which is not the exception, is that high fashion male models are very much like high fashion female models. Usually thin and more edgy than commercial. And yet they're weeding that kind out over on Manhunt (this is not a plug) and going with the beefcakes. Tyra has one up on Bravo in that her results really seem to be based on the photogenic-quality of the girls and the rules of current fashion in general.[/tangent]
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    Quote Originally Posted by AfricanQueen
    Please, tell me those aren't real.
    My sentiments exactly.

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    If i was a model and had to take an advertisement with a snake, i'll probably jitter soo much that the snake would have swallowed me up

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