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Thread: Wondering About the Photo Shoots...hmmm

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    FORT Fogey
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    Unfortunately, I think they've taken the glamour and art out of the shoots. Crazy makeup does not equal model.

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    Samantha's Mommy Closet Fan's Avatar
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    I have to agree with y'all, its very "extreme modelling" with overdone makeup, over the top photo scenarios (what's next, hangliding?), too edgy, too avant garde. I'd also like to see more of the actual modelling shoots, and not just the girls who bomb, but of the girls who do well, too. (But that presupposes there's more good stuff to see than what we actually have seen.) Although they didn't show much of each individual go-see, I really liked how much of the last show they actually devoted to covering the go-sees, as opposed to interpersonal drama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elfgirl
    Not only am I tired of extreme modelling, but I would like to see more bits like when Janice was teaching them how to pose. This season is a little too much about the drama and not enough "teaching how to model". I feel we aren't seeing the progression enough. We hardly see anything of Nicole's shoots, it's all certain models screwing up and jay shaking his head. Blah. Hope next season is better.
    Yo Elf!
    Sure, it's all about the ratings this season, another thing I've noticed is that the episodes are somehow shorter, it could be that there are too many girls on the show or that the editing is just bad.

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    I would like to see more of the shoot's results than just "your best shot". There have to be several great shots in each session for each girl. We only get to see one and who determines it is the "best" one? As for the extreme wackiness of the photo sessions, I believe the staff is looking for who can follow directions and project well under any circumstance. Some things can be taught but other things have to be inborn.

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    Ah-hah Milay, methinks we have the same thoughtwaves. It seems shorter to me too. More ads? Too many girls? Bad editing? I'd like to see more photos, and just for them to hold the camera on the photos we Do see for more than a split second. Less teary phone calls. Bored with teary phone calls. More photos, more learning, more fashion (and fashion people). Season one was a suprise ratings winner because it worked. If it ain't broke, don't mess with it!!

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    I don't think the episodes are shorter by more than five minutes, but one thing I never realized until recently is that the panel takes up a full 25% of each episode.

    A rough breakdown of the formula:
    25% Judging
    25% Photo shoot
    25% Miscellaneous activities (training, challenges, Tyra talks, etc.)
    25% Drama

    Also, I never realized until Yaya said "I've been modeling for three weeks" that each forty minute episode is about 3.5 days of real time. Somehow, I was always under the impression that one episode equaled one week. They actually move at a pretty fast pace; I can see why the girls get so stressed and tired.

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    No dramatic poses, no extreme wild outfits, no clown wigs, no body paint, no feathers, no glitter. No roller skates, trampolines, or deadly critters were involved.
    Some models do sometimes do extreme/dramatic photo shoots

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    Please, tell me those aren't real.

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    FORT Fogey
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    God Bless Alexander McQueen and his... interesting ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Closet Fan
    Now maybe I picked up the wrong magazine to judge high fashion photo shoots by, and let me know if I did, but all of the shots I saw looked fairly pedestrian. The poses were more classic and traditional, the backgrounds uncluttered if not spartan, most of the clothing was something you could wear out in public without embarrassment. No dramatic poses, no extreme wild outfits, no clown wigs, no body paint, no feathers, no glitter. No roller skates, trampolines, or deadly critters were involved.

    Does what they make the girls do on this show have any bearing on reality in terms of what they may be called upon to do in real "high fashion" photo shoots? Or are they wildly exaggerating things for the sake of getting a bunch of girls to look extreme, or in some cases, extremely silly? Did I look at the wrong magazine? Or am I just not getting it?
    I was wondering the same thing - until yesterday, when I came across this ad in Marie Claire (which I don't believe is a particularly "high fashion" magazine):

    Here's a close-up *shudders*

    I guess when you're a model, there's no telling what kind of weird crap you'll have to do. Looks like those freakish clown wigs are tres popular these days.

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