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Thread: How Far Will This Season's Winner Go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aceon6
    Elyse seems to have conquered Asia from all the Hong Kong sightings. I've seen both Mercedes and April in commercials.
    April's in a commercial? For what? I haven't heard of this.

    From what I've gathered, Yoanna's doing the best out the season two girls. She's been in two commercials and numerous runway shows on top of having her face plastered all over Sephora. That's more than can be said for the others, so I don't understand where this "it's better not to win" theory is coming from.

    My opinion is that the winner has a slight advantage, but ultimately it's about the talent and ambition of the individual girl. I always preferred Elyse and Shannon over Adrianne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    April's in a commercial? For what? I haven't heard of this.
    Sorry, I had a brain cramp. She's been on a soap, but I don't think she's done any TV commercials.

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