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Thread: ANTM3 Ep. 7 Recap: The Nasty Asses Who Got It On in the Hot Tub

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    . . . on the car ride home, Ann suggests to Amanda, Eva, and Norelle that they have a "four-way kiss" . . .
    Really? I totally missed this. And I watched the scene a few times to try to figure out what was being said before the kiss (during the shot of the outside of the car).

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    Newbie here, but I've been a long time ANTM forum lurker. ^_^

    I absolutely love your recaps, SFG!! I read them despite never having missed an ANTM 3 episode. Keep up the awesome work!

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    I haven't watched a ep of ANTM since season one - til this one. Snowy does a way more entertaining recap than the show could ever be.

    Call of the heel Bwa hahahaha + too many more to quote .

    Snowflakegirl !

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    SFG, there are too many bon mots in your recap, and I can't quote them all.


    (and I, too, respond to the Call of the Heel. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassy
    I absolutely love your recaps, SFG!! I read them despite never having missed an ANTM 3 episode. Keep up the awesome work!
    I forgot the original purpose of Snowflake's recaps a long time ago.

    (Hi, Cassy. Please do come out of lurkerdom to post more often.)

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    thanks so much for your recaps. I really appreciate them, and they're hilarious.

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    What a great recap!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Hot tub! Beautiful models kissing! Girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl action! Cross-dressing! Kangaroos! Shoe shopping! Yup, that was my weekend--how was yours?

    There must be something about that Pink Positive room. The show opens with Eva, Norelle, and Ann in a refreshingly playful mood, cavorting in their panties, jumping on beds (you do realize, this is exactly how straight men imagine women alone together live).

    The prize for the girl who does the best: a rack of clothes from each designer that they meet today, including Diane von Furstenberg, Nanette Lepore, Marc Bouwer, Cynthia Rowley and Nicole Miller. Not bad! I'll be seeing you on eBay.

    Toccara loves Nicole Miller's clothes, because they fit her and she feels wonderful in them (great advertisement to women in the real world--clothes that actually fit!).

    He adds that he prefers girls (funny, I would think he prefers boys--badum ching!)...

    "I think there was something in that kangaroo meat because when we left that restaurant, we were, like, loopy," Ann says. Oh, that L-word. I might have chosen a different one, because on the car ride home, Ann suggests to Amanda, Eva, and Norelle that they have a "four-way kiss" (Who else thinks Ann actually suggested this to try to get a piece o' Eva?).

    Ann says, "We just start laughing because Norelle's, like, coming out of her shell." And, in a moment, her skirt too!

    Nicole and Yaya (accompanied by Toccara), dressed in their fancy duds and looking like snobby socialites, cluck, "They're out of control." See? To the folks who assumed that the openly bisexual girl and the stripper were automatically going to be the lezbo smoochers--you just can't stereotype people like that!

    A hot tub, Amanda believes, "just brings out your bad side." Or, some might argue, your best side. So Amanda, Eva, Norelle, and Ann climb into the warm, bubbly tub in leeetle bikinis, giggling, jiggling, and tickling each other in what has to be one of the greatest moments in television ever. Surely, an Emmy-winning moment. And please, watch it now before our conservative Republican government makes it so we can never have fun like this ever again.

    Cassie says, "This is not the kind of stuff you see everyday in Oklahoma." She just hasn't been to the fun parts of the state.

    "This is the one and only time I will ever dress like a woman, to illustrate a point," Jay says (I guess the rest of the times are purely for pleasure?),

    The judges tonight are Janice D., Nigel, a solo Nolé, and Marc Bouwer. That's right, Thunder Thighs, you know all Cassie can think about is how [echo] her hips are too big her hips are too big her hips are too big.

    Today they will be tested on their go-see know-how, by the judges, who will pretend to represent a fictitious fashion line called "House of Je Ne Sais Quoi." Ahaha, que rigolade! The judges are so hammy it makes me want a croque monsieur, replete with bad french accents and huge, Price Is Right arm gestures.

    Next time you're in Oklahoma, find out what club she works at and make sure to tip her generously.
    Fantastic recap as always Snowy!

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    "The Lapdance is Always Better When the Stripper is Crying"

    This is the best thing I've ever read. You are a ROCK STAR Snowflake!
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    "Every time you don’t buy CoverGirl cosmetics, Jesus cries" - SnowflakeGirl
    "And I'm also tired of people saying "OMG I'LL NEVER WATCH AGAIINNN". Come on now. ANTM is cocaine and you are the lindsay lohans who crave it" - queenegoist

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    Awesome recap, Snowy. I always look forward to reading whatever you're recapping!

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