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Thread: 11/03 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    oh they were interviewing about the other girls like oh would u ever do anything different ect,mostly the transcrips on UPN! all of them seem to gain weigh which i fine cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by coco_puff
    I just don't think that Tocarra is that big. I think that if she got those boobs reduced it would be a huge benefit to her. I have double d's and I can't even fit into stuff and I am a size 9. She needs to lose a couple of those Ds and she will fit into clothes much easier...
    I'm with you. Her chest is what really makes her appear bigger. If she could go smaller in that area and tone up it would do wonders! ..she is so beautiful... besides, she is not trying to be the next waif ...she's said it plenty of times herself, she wants to be the first black plus sized supermodel. Also, I wouldn't feel like people were singling her out as they claim they are not doing if they wouldn't repeatedly post their strong opinions about her flaws over and over...unfortunately, it doesn't appear that she is not being singled out then.. I'm more proud of her every show so I hope she keeps it up.. I adore Eva too....and for me, yaya & nichole are tied for my 3rd fave..

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