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Thread: VH1 Goes Inside America's Next Top Model

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    Wow, thank you SO much Frostelized! I know I personally really enjoyed that

    I really appreciate your hard work! Aren't you dedicated

    April is quite funny indeed. I loved her slanted-eye comment, coming from her

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    Well, I came into this thread to let you guys know that VH1 is re-running this special on Monday (I haven't seen it yet myself)...but we probably don't even need to watch it after reading Frosty's comprehensive transcript!

    Fantastic job, Frostelized! Thank you so much for putting all that hard work into not only the transcript, but compiling the highlights, and then being kind enough to share them with all of us! NishFets is right, that takes some real dedication!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    *does her Miss America wave* Well I really liked doing it knowing that a lot of people weren't able to see it so I just wanted to be helpful. Thank you guys for liking it!

    I thought April did prove herself to be very funny in the show. Bah! To all the naysayers saying she was a robot with no emotion!! Camille proved herself to still be ridiculously delusional -- Oh, Nicole Panattoni?! I didn't even know that was her!! I was looking at her, and I was like, "Who is that?" I didn't have a clue until they showed her name. She looked very different indeed. It would be cool if someone could take a screenshot of her. One thing that was interesting was about the whole Jenascia incident. Catie was claiming the cameramen told her she couldn't go back, while Ken Mok said that wasn't the case and the girls just wanted to blame production. Hmmmm !

    Oh, and did anyone think that Yoanna looked like Michael Jackson? I mean, with the hairstyle and leather jacket paired with white shirt...
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    Re: VH1 Goes Inside America's Next Top Model

    Thanks Alot! I Read ALL Of It!
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