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Thread: VH1 Goes Inside America's Next Top Model

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    I'd love to know every little detail from the show. I am very interested to know what happened to the season 1 cast specially but it seems it was mainly on season 2 cast - oh well, something is better than nothing!

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetNerd
    I recorded it *hehe. It was good, except that they gave Yoanna like this puke yellow foundation for the interview parts. It was awful. her face didn't match her neck at all. None of the other girls looked that weird.
    Yoanna always seems to have that problem

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    i have it taped; and i am happy to pass it on if someone wants it, the deal being once you've seen it, if someone else is interested, you pass it on to them. send me an email if interested. first come, first serve, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetNerd
    I recorded it *hehe. It was good, except that they gave Yoanna like this puke yellow foundation for the interview parts. It was awful. her face didn't match her neck at all. None of the other girls looked that weird.

    Hmm, I'll have to try and notice that next time. I wasn't really digging Sara's hair, personally. I mean, she's so pretty that she could be bald and look great because she has great features, but I prefer her hair longer and straight! Mercedes looked as cute as ever.
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    Yeah, I felt the same way about Sarah and Mercedes.
    Caties hair looked lame, and Shandi should not have been rocking the pouf. Anyway... Yeah I'd be happy to mail someone a tape too if they wanted. You can send me your address or something. I'm always bringing ebay packages to the post office anyway.
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    OK! I am recording it as I type this!!
    I'm trying to figure out exactly how to type it out. Do I type every single line (or at least as many as possible?) or give just a brief summary of what they are saying if it's this huge paragraph and add in descriptions of what they are showing etc... Hmm..

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    Why don't you do a frosty type thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by -ANTM-
    Why don't you do a frosty type thing
    ? What's that?

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    Though I saw it Frost, I wouldn't want you typing a transcript of what happened. Maybe just type of a short summary if thats what you want to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Though I saw it Frost, I wouldn't want you typing a transcript of what happened. Maybe just type of a short summary if thats what you want to do.

    Hey guys! Finally did it. I hope I did a good enough job for you guys who couldn't see it and you find it satisfactory. Anyhoo, just some notes about it:

    1) I cut off some quotes because I couldn't write it all. I just cut off unimportant parts. Example, if Catie said "She's a bitch, but I like her." I'm not going to just type "She's a bitch." Because it changes what she's saying. I'm just changing stuff like if April said "She likes sex, she talks about it all the time." then I might just type "She likes sex."
    2) I wasn't able to take about every single thing (of course). Like in the intro, they show a ton of scenes and the Voiceover Man is just talking, talking, talking, and I wasn't able to fit it all in.
    3) If in the middle/end of quote you see something in ( ), it means that's what they are showing on the screen. Example: "She was so ugly (Camille yelling at Yoanna) during the shoot."
    4) If I say a girl's name and put VH1 before it, it means the girl was saying it in the VH1 studio. You know, when they sit them down in front of a background and have them talk about the show. If it doesn't say VH1 in front of their name, then it means it's footage from Top Model itself. Hmm.. think that's it

    Some of the girls/guys appeared on the show to provide commentary. This is what they all looked like. The ones who were barely on the show I'm listing last.

    Tyra: Sat in front of an orangish/brown background. Wore plan black off the shoulder shirt. Hair was red to her shoulders. One part slightly off to the side.
    Adrianne: Sat in front of a blotchy blue background. Hair was long and dark brown. Wore red arm thingies (Like sleeves, only her shoulders were bare) and a black tank top with some type of design on it.
    April: Sat in front of a blotchy dark blue background. Hair was straight and black and in front of her. Wore a plain black off-shoulder shirt. Wore a brownish necklace with rectangles hanging off of it.
    Yoanna: Sat in front of a blotchy purple background. Black hair, Michael Jackson style. (Not kidding) Face had strange yellow tint. Wore long necklace with black leather jacket and white shirt.
    Shandi: Sat in front of blotchy blue background. Wore black glasses, hair was brown and tied back in a ponytail. Wore a plaid shirt with collar.
    Mercedes: Sat in front of a blotchy brown/tan background. Hair pulled back, wore white line earrings and necklace. Wore a pink/salmon shirt with 2 buttons unbuttoned to create a v-neck.
    Sara: Sat in front of a blotchy red background. Hair is short to midneck, wavy. Brown with a lot of blonde strands. She's wearing hoop earrings, a black cardigan (?) and a hot pink shirt underneath.
    Shannon: Sat in front of a blotchy orange background. Hair was brown/blonde. Straight, little past her shoulders. Wore a silver necklace with 3 lines going across and with little rectangles hanging off of each line. Wore an orange tube top with white lines on the top part.
    Jay Manuel: Sat in front of a blotchy dark blue background. He's wearing a dark blue striped shirt that has one button open so that it opens into a V-neck.
    Catie: Sat in front of a blotchy purple background. Hair was bleached blonde, had bangs and length went to the bottom of her neck. Wore a lime green sphaghetti strap with black shirt underneath.
    Camille: Sat in front of a blotchy orange background. Hair was straight, black, long, and had bangs. Wore a fuschia colored top that went down the middle and had multicolored (red, green, yellow) sphaghetti straps.
    Ken Mok: Sat in front of a blotchy purple background. Asian man with black hair. Wearing a dark blue striped shirt.
    Michelle Mock: Sat in front of a blotchy brown/tan background. Black woman, a round face, red lipstick, straight black hair. Plain v-neck black shirt.
    Nole: Sat in front of a blotchy purple background. Wore a gray suit with a light pink/red striped shirt underneath and a red/white tie with lined diamond shapes on it.
    Nicole P. Sat in front of a blotchy purple background. Hair is feathered, long and blonde. Wore a hot pink top that was divided into two parts and went straight down the middle. (Think the pink dress April wore for her Steve Madden shoot)
    Nigel: Sat in front of a dark blue blotchy background. Wore black suit top with striped dark blue/purple shirt underneath.
    Katie: Sat in front of blotchy blue background. Hair was straight, dark brown a little past her shoulders. Wore a black and white striped sleeveless shirt that covered her neck. (Turtleneck)
    Ebony: Sat in front of a blotchy brown/tan background. Hair was black and grown out, only on the top of her head though, kind of like a mini-high top, only it was fluffy on top instead of flat. Wore dangling circle earrings with thingies danging from it (lines) Wore white shirt with lace on top with a black one underneath.


    Voiceover Man: Stop your whining and strap on those high heels! It's time to take a stroll down the catwalk with the most extreme (Robin screaming at having the snake put around her], titilating (April and Mercedes posing for their Milan nude shoot) and revealing reality show on tv (Sara as Tin Eve)

    Shannon: "Adrianne likes to talk about sex."
    Footage of Adrianne in a pink nightie and thong grabbing her breasts.
    Adrianne: "How do you like these apples baby?" *jumps on top of Elyse "How do you like um, how do u like um?!"

    Voiceover: "It's America's Next Top Model! We'll uncover all the dirty little conspiries" (Camille talking about her inflamed lips on the show and VH1 Sara saying how Camille thought someone had sabotaged her), "and get the inside scoop of what didn't make air. (VH1 Camille: "You wanna know what really happened? and VH1 Catie: "Oh this is juicy!" This is VH1's Goes Inside America's Next Top Model! (Giselle getting her bikini wax. "I better be a top supermodel after this!")

    Footage of various girls getting ready for a photo shoot, doing the photo shoot, etc.
    Voiceover: It's hot babes, catfights, and a whole lot of drama. The addictive reality tv hit, America's Next Top Model!

    VH1 Tyra: "It's training ground for what it's like in the real industry."
    VH1 Yoanna: "Survivor on stilettos."
    VH1 Katie "Hot."
    VH1 Tyra: "Innovative!"
    VH1 Nigel: "Outlandish." (Xiomara walking in front of the judges, J. Alexander saying "Girl, you walk like you on crack!")
    VH1 Tyra: "Sexy."
    VH1 Shannon: "Adventurous." (Jenascia hanging during the Laundry photo shoot)
    VH1 Shandi: "Drama."
    VH1 Katie: "Drama."
    VH1 Ebony: "Drama." (April acting with Mark Collier)

    Voiceover Man "And how did supermodel turned tv mogul Tyra Banks concieve of this drama?" (Various Tyra photos and covers)
    VH1 Tyra: "I was in my panty and bra and I looked out the window and went, (whispers/gasps) America's Next Top Model!" (Plays ANTM opening theme music)
    Voiceover "Tyra's vision: put 10 wannabe models in a New York City loft for 2 months and watch them compete for a major agency contract." (April acting out her "I never wanted anything more than this" challenge and Sara acting out her "And if I don't get it, I'll die!!")
    VH1 Ken Mok, executive producer: "We wanted the show to be kind of a model boot camp so by the end of this series, the girls would have the requisite skills and go out there and hit the ground running as a top model." (Tyra telling the girls about the show)
    VH1 Tyra "We take what I've done and we just make it something the girls can experience too."
    VH1 Catie: "We had our own makeup, hairstylist and stylist."
    VH1 Shannon: "We had to do runway walks." (Shandi walking down the runway during judge's panel, then footage of Mercedes, Heather, and Xiomara doing it. Then footage of Heather walking for J. Alexander and tripping in her long dress)
    VH1 Ken Mok: "We would have an episode where we would focus on acting (Girls of Season 1 in theatre being talked to by Alice Spivak, then Catie acting with Mark Collier) Every episode has the same format. They are taught something, they are tested on it, they are given a challenge, they are given a photo shoot, and then they are evaluated by a panel of judges."
    Janice: "You look deranged. Arms look amputee, legs look amputee, and it looks like you have a penis." (To Kesse about her jumping basketball action photo)

    Voiceover: "Like every reality show, the key to this one is awesome casting. Season 1 had characters ranging from bad girls (Adrianne hanging out of a car with her tongue out flashing the heavy metal sign) to bible jockeys (Shannon quietly reading a bible).
    VH1 Adrianne: "I think the producers casting on our season was absolutely supurb."

    ** I don't know what happened between the above part and the below part. It could have been a large amount or a small amount. I'm not sure. My tape was recorded over it I recorded the rerun, but go figure, it started recording at the part right after the commercial!!! **

    -- Commercial --

    Voiceover: "To survive on America's Next Top Model, these sexy contestants need to bare it all. We're not kidding." (Jay telling the Final 4 girls of Season 1 that they will pose nude while they are dining in a restaurant)
    VH1 Tyra: "We'd never have the girls do a photo shoot I'd never do. I don't do like, full frontal hey! nudity. But I will do something covering the essential parts. So that's what I wanted the gils to do for this. (Photo of Tyra nude, side profile covering her breast with her arm)
    VH1 Ken Mok: "We knew, we there certain girls were going to have problems with this. Specifically Robin and Shannon. But People do nude shoots all the time in the world of high fashion. And we had to incorporate that into our series."
    VH1 Shannon: "No way, we said thank you, but if this eliminates us from the competition, then you know what, so be it." (Scene of Jay asking Robin and Shannon exactly what their problem is with the shoot.)
    Voiceover: "The job of convincing Robin and Shannon to take it all off fell to Art director, Jay Manuel."
    VH1 Jay Manuel: "What you would do working with a lot of girls is work with the girl who is the most comfortable to show the other girls it's not that bad."
    VH1 Jay Manuel: "Jay comes up to me, "Hey I know you and Elyse are gonna do this. I know that Robin and Shannon won't. I want you to come first." (Adrianne walking down some stairs in a white robe. People are walking around the set. They show a group of people around Adrianne, with a space in the middle and you see Adrianne's full side nudity being smothered with oil. The Donna's "Take It Off" plays)
    Voiceover: "But Adrianne used the opportunity to intimidate the competition."
    VH1 Adrianne: "I was the only one with a built body I think for the nude shoot, like I had boobs and a decent figure so I think I was the most intimidating one up there and I showed off the goods."
    VH1 Shannon: "And it was like whaaa? I put down my head. I couldn't watch it, I couldn't watch it."
    Voiceover: "Adrianne's strategy worked. It scared the good girls into bowing out."
    VH1 Shannon: "I'm not gonna pose nude. You could give me all the money, all the fame, every single magazine cover and my dream job of being a makeup spokesperson and I would turn it down in a second. (My personal comment: Shannon, you would be dumb then. Oh, right, back to the recap -- Jay talking to Shannon and Robin in the dressing room after they refused. Voiceover says this caused Robin and Shannon to be bottom 2. Shows them there and Tyra gives photo to Shannon.)

    Voiceover: "Drama like this made the show a hit. And producers did everything in their power to make sure Season 2 stayed on top of the ratings game."
    VH1 Michelle Mock, Casting Director: "I knew we couldn't go into Season 2 with the exact same girls. I couldn't bring in another Robin." (Photo of Robin lying on couch in red robe morphs into photo of Camille, and then into footage of her first walking for the judges.)
    VH1 Mercedes: "They did a good job of casting Camille. She was kinda in her own world, that diva. You know you need a diva on America's Next Top Model. (Camille at her go-sees saying, "This is my signature walk, this is what's going to make me famous.")
    VH1 Tyra: "When Camille came into the auditioning room, she was flashily dressed, but the sweetest girl with the biggest smile and I was like, 'We have to have her.' and then I get reports on the first day that she's like picking up dust." (Camille walking for the Marines in her army wear, Camille walking in front of the judges. Outkast's "Roses" play. "I know you something something, something don't stank)
    VH1 Camille: "If you're gonna be real, just be real. I didn't bite my tongue because if you have something to say, you have something to say." (Camille in bed saying "Don't play me, you have better chance playing Lotto and that's like one in a billion.")
    Voiceover: "Only one contestant liked those odds." (Footage of Yoanna and Camille. Ludacris' "Move Out the Way" plays. Scene of Camille and Yoanna fighting where Camille states, "Trust me, If I have something to say.. and Yoanna fires back she doesn't trust her.)
    VH1 Catie: "I wanted to see a fight. Fight, fight, fight, fight. C'mon!"

    Voiceover: "In Season 2, Shandi was the last person you'd expect to be a supermodel." (Various clips of Shandi, from her in the audition room to her modeling photos.) That's why she became one of the show's most compelling stories."
    VH1 Michelle Mock: "When I went to the meeting with Pitch meeting, and we were watching the tapes and all the girls were going one at a time (Clips from the girl's audition tapes) and I got to Shandi. I paused it before I let anyone see her face and I looked at all the exectutives and I said, 'You may not get it and you may think I'm crazy. (Shandi's audition tape with her saying, "The reason I wanna be the next top model is because I am tired of working at Walgreens!)
    VH1 Tyra: "The whole room gasped and was like, hell no! That's not a model and I was like shhh! This is the diamond in the rough!"
    Vh1 Ken Mok: "And we all looked at her, you didn't? You're crazy!" (Janice in Milan saying, "This girl is a supermodel in the making.")
    VH1 Tyra: "This is what modeling is all about. It's about the girl thats the geek, that's awkward, that's gangly, that's nerdy. That when you just put all this amazing stuff on her, she just turns into a princess." (Shandi's beauty shot, her final shot. Clip from the 1st elimination when they show Shandi her photo and she goes, "Look at my butt!)
    Voiceover: "The biggest story of Season2 unfolded when the competition moved from New York to Milan. And the producers hired some local Romeos as the girls guide." (Boys pulling up on vespas)
    VH1 April: "We were basically stranded in Milan, and these girls had not had contact with the other gender for... 6 weeks?"
    VH1 Ken Mok: "We told them that they had a free night and they kinda said 'hey could we have these guys over for dinner' and sure enough they came over with wine and food."
    VH1 Yoanna: "I just needed some testosterone."
    Voiceover: "Things really heated up when the party shifted to the hot tub."
    VH1 April: "It was actually my idea to go in the hot tub, but I was picturing more like, Martha Stewart candle-lit enjoyable bath not like girls gone wild!"
    Voiceover: "Then the festivities spun out of control when Shandi crossed a dangerous line." (Shandi making out in hot tub)
    VH1 Jay Manuel: "I was just kind like, First of all, what are you doing? She is always going on about the boyfriend, the boyfriend, the boyfriend."
    VH1 April: "I think when she started sobering up, maybe an hour later or so, I could hear her crying." (Shandi on bed crying)
    VH1 Mercedes: "Shandi was crying, you know? I mean, how do you explain to your boyfriend that you had sex?" (All the girls around Shandi on bed)
    [b]What followed was Season 2's most dramatic moment.
    VH1 Shandi: "A lot of people think that the decision to call wasn't mine, and you know, I was forced by producers to call. And actually, right after it happened, I demanded a phone."
    VH1 April: "And infamous high pitched Eric became a legend!" (Shandi calling Eric, him yelling at her.)
    VH1 Shandi: "The most frequently asked question that I get on the street is are you still with your boyfriend and yes, I'm still with my boyfriend." (Eric saying how he forgives Shandi, from the Runway Ahead special)
    VH1 Tyra: "After that incident, Shandi's ranks kind of fell. because in the judging room she just kind of disappeared. Or maybe she just had some repair to do at home with her boyfriend, and sometimes that's more improtant than fame." (Shandi waving goodbye from the judges room. Her Solstice photo.)

    -- Commercial --

    (Simon saying Catie's style is hooker)
    Voiceover: "The contestants on America's Next Top Model aren't there just to look pretty, but they're also there for the L word. You know, learning." (Shandi in her goth makeup, Shandi talking to Shandi.)
    Voiceover: "That's why Tyra Banks brought in the number one Runway guru."
    VH1 Tyra: "When I first decided I wanted to do America's Next Top Model, and I was talking to my mom about who should be on the show and we immediately said J. Alexander." (Various clips of J. walking playing to the music if "I'm too Sexy for myself..")
    VH1 Adrianne: "He walks better than any broad I've ever seen, he has better legs than any broad I've ever seen."
    Voiceover: "J. proved he can walk the walk, but the girls also found out he can talk the talk." (J. saying various comments like "Personally, I think you all suck." and "Walk like the rent is due tonight.")
    VH1 Mercedes: "J. was really tough. J. Alexander told Yoanna walked like a dinosaur." (Yoanna walking for J. with music "Everybody walk the dinosaur" playing over it. Clip of J. telling Yoanna her walk is useless.)
    VH1 Yoanna: "I basically had a mental picture of how runway models walked and I was going to do this Brazilian stomp." (J. neighing like a horse and kicking)

    Voiceover: "J. wore the girls out, but everyone managed to wake up for a shoot the next morning. Everyone but Jenascia."
    VH1 Shandi: "I don't know how Jenascia didn't wake up because 11 girls running around getting ready, cameramen, I mean, it wasn't quiet."
    VH1 Camille: "You wanna know what really happened? Ok." (Audio of car screeching)
    VH1 Catie: "Oh wait, woah, this is juicy."
    VH1 Camille: "We got into the elevator and there are no cameras in the elevator. And I was like, "Where's Jenascia." And a few ladies, I'm not gonna say who, said "Oh no, I'm not here to babysit anybody." (April asking where Jenascia is, asking if she should go back and get her.)
    VH1 Catie: "We were all trying to get back up there and wake her up, but they wouldn't let us. The cameramen were like, No, no, no, you can't do it!"
    VH1 Ken Mok: "They never really wanna take responsbility for their own actions. They always want to blame it on production and it's never really the case." (People at the photo shoot calling Jenascia, her arriving on set.)

    Voiceover: "Jenascia got through it. Just like some of the other girls who learned to get through the super awkward nude shoot later on." (Jay telling girls about the shoot.)
    VH1 Nole: "These girls had to be meshed together with their fabulous bodies and had to be comfortable with their sexuality and sensuality."
    VH1 Yoanna: "There was like, old italian men staring over the bridge and like watching and we're like 'Oh my gosh'."
    VH1 Shandi: "I was like, "Are these people going to be watching us while we're doing the shoot?" It was mostly like old men like driving by. It wasn't great." (April and Mercedes with April saying who the boys would rather see naked)
    Voiceover: "April may have been digging the shoot, but Mercedes definately wasn't."
    VH1 April: "Mercedes, really wasn't cool with it because she's number 1 not that cool with the nudity and number 2 not that cool with the nudity all up in someone's grill."
    Voiceover: "It wasn't just that, Mercedes was skeeved up with the guy's taking the pictures too."
    VH1 Mercedes: "Two of the times the photographers were like, *Italian accent* Ok, put your hand, you know put your finger by her breast, oh yeah, that's very good!"
    VH1 April: "Pretend I'm your boyfriend, pretend I'm anyone other than I am." (April telling Mercedes she's the doe and she's the buck.)
    VH1 Mercedes: "I'd rather take directions from April than 2 horny Italian men!"

    Voiceover: "The girls were also schooled in the art of underwater modeling." (Girls getting ready for the Queench shoot)
    VH1 Ken Mok: "We were more vicious with that shoot, because we wanted to have a shark in that tank."
    VH1 Tyra: "But then, some of the girls were menastrating, so we decided not to do that."
    VH1 April: "You're basically under a cold dismal tank, searching for the flash and you can kind of hear it, and hope you're looking the right way."
    VH1 Catie: "I had this beautiful pose, doing this backwards summersault and then you do a closeup on my face, and my face is like this." (Tyra saying, "A little cross eyed.")
    VH1 Sara: "You come up and you have snot dripping down your nose, and you're wet, and you look like sh*t, and then you have the crew like, (*cups face and gets close to the camera) 'How do you feel right now Sara?' Are you serious right now? GET OUT OF MY FACE!"

    Voiceover: "As nasty as that was, the girls would brave a much more frightening task." (Jay telling girls about the Laundry shoot.)
    VH1 Sara: "They want ratings, oh God, they got to compete with Fear Factor, they gotta compete with the Apprentice, how you gonna compete? They gotta dangle us 200 feet in the air!"
    VH1 Catie: "I was just like, you gotta be kidding me. You're f*cking insane." (Catie saying she doesnt want to do this and she doesn't want to die.) Stick tarantulas in my mouth and I'll be cool. Put tarantulas on me, I'll be nervous, but I'll be cool."
    VH1 Sara: "Producers were there to help her out. Here's a cell phone, call your daddy. Calm your ass down, girl."
    Voiceover: "Catie's rough time actually began with a makeover a few weeks earlier." (Catie saying she doesn't care what they do with her hair. Tyra telling her they are cutting it all off.)
    VH1 Catie: "I didn't...wanna a dude."
    Voiceover: "To make matters worse, Catie injured herself during the process. Or so she says."
    VH1 Catie: "I broke my toe that day, in the salon. It hurts to break your toe!"
    VH1 Ken Mok: "She didn't complain about it to us. All she was doing was crying about how she looked like a boy!" (Catie showing the camera her toe in the VH1 studio. She points to her toenail and says it's fake because she lost her real one.)

    Voiceover: "While Catie's wounded toe was a scret, everyone knew about Camille's swollen lips."
    VH1 Shandi: "One morning she woke up, and her lips like ballooned. I mean, she looked *freaky*!"
    VH1 April: "Her lips are huge anyway! You could not tell the difference. It would be like me being, "Ken, I woke up this morning and my eyes, I dunno, they look small and slanted!"
    Voiceover: "Of course this being reality tv, the conspiracy theory started flying."
    VH1 Sara: "She thought somebody sabotaged her."
    VH1 Camille: "It was just...really odd that the most important shoot the beauty shoot is coming up."
    VH1 April: "We had to come up with a scheme to really just knock her off this runway, so I captured a South American spider and placed it on her pillow before she went to bed. And we tickled the spider right before she fell asleep, and it bit her lip." (Camille posing for her beauty shot.)

    -- Commercial --

    Voiceover: "Each week on America's Next Top Model after the girls have been put through the ringer, the judges have to pick one contestant to get the boot."
    VH1 Nigel: "One of the funniest tests that we ever had never made the actual show. We all wanted them to dance, interpretive dance to the music." (Clips of different girls dancing pyschotically :p)
    Voiceover: "The girls got loose, and then there was April."
    VH1 April: "This is what they told us, they said, "It's important that every dance move you make, could be a photograph. How would you dance? You know, you'd do like the robot, you know, like you'd do different poses." (April dancing like...a pyschotic *sides hurt* And the judges reactions. Outkast music plays, "1, 2, 3, oh, oh, Shake it, oh oh, shake it like a polaroid picture..")
    VH1 Tyra: "She was trying to do it, to uh, make every shot look like a picture, but (*Juts arm out stiffly and makes strange face is not a picture."
    VH1 April: "That is not how I dance!" *laughing*
    Voiceover: "What the viewers don't see are the judge's deliberations on who gets eliminated each week."
    VH1 Nole: "How the elimination is done is they will see a photo, and will say either yes or no. And then it's narrowed down."
    VH1 Tyra: "My vote counts exactly the same as everybody else's. Sometimes that's fine but sometimes when I get outvoted, I'm like damn." (Argueing about Robin, Tyra makes speech about women vomiting over toilets)
    Voiceover: "When all the judges have said their piece, they narrow it down to the two models who were weakest that week." (Shows Tyra saying two girls names again and again and then saying "I only have one photo" over and over again and then saying the girl who stays names again and again)

    Voiceover: "Elimination is hard, but enduring the slings and arrows of judge Janice can be even harder."
    VH1 Mercedes: "Why do people watch Simon on American Idol? Because he's an [mod edit], you know? Why do they want to watch Janice Dickinson? Because they want to see girls cry." (Shows Janice saying different comments like "Too old." "Looks like child prostitute.")
    VH1 Shandi: "Everyone always asks me, "How is Janice? Is she really like that?" I'm like yeah, she's very opinionated. (Janice: "It looks like you landed from another planet.")
    VH1 Tyra: "Janice is just crazy. You can never predict what she's gonna say. (Janice: "Bethany is like Bob Mackey on crack, I still love her!")
    Voiceover: "For taking all that heat, the girls deserve a little friendly revenge. How about a chance to imitate the Wicked Witch of the Runway?"
    VH1 April: "I don't think I'm endowed enough to do Janice Dickinson." (All in the VH1 studio: Mercedes pushing up her breasts, Nicole P. pulling down the certain of her shirt and giggling, April pushing up her breasts and puckering her lips, Sara doing the same thing, Nicole P. pushing her breasts together and saying, "Hang on." Catie pushing her breasts up.)
    VH1 Adrianne: "I didn't add like, my massive t*ts into there."
    VH1 Sara: (*pushing her breasts up and shaking them*) "That's Janice right there!"
    VH1 Mercedes: "Ok girls, it's all about sex appeal. If you don't really push your boobs up (*pushes breasts up*) and (**throws her necklace over her back so it's not in the way) make yourself be known, then it's not gonna happen for you. (*agrassively squeezes and grabs breasts*) These are gonna get you in the front door! Ah, I'm done, where's my water? (*flings hand dramatically*)"

    Voiceover: "The girls can laugh about it now, but tensions run high during the competition. Like season 1's finale between Adrianne and Shannon. Tyra had saved the ultimate test for last."
    VH1 Tyra: "We do the runway at the very end because, that's lights, camera, action. It's real, it's raw, if you make a mistake, everyone saw it." (Closeup on Adrianne and Shannon's face during the Baby Phat runway)
    VH1 Jay: "Guess what? Real models walk down the runway with all sorts of crazy things happening." (Adrianne and Shannon walking down the runway)
    VH1 Nole: "A slipper breaks, a shoe breaks. Darling, you just need to pull it together."
    VH1 Adrianne: "I screwed up because the skirt that they put on me had little raccoon tails, it didn't fit and I was wearing no panties. And the thing was riding right up my f*cking waist, and I'm walking out there, and I know the judges all saw my co*ch. There was no hiding it, that sh*t was right there. But I had to walk like I had a stick up my ass to keep it from swiveling up to my waist." (Adrianne walking down the runway with skirt on. Judging whispering, Adrianne walking back)
    Voiceover: "When it came time to announce the winner, no one knew how the judges would view Adrianne's glaring mistake." (Girls in judging room with Tyra giving them their final critiques. Then Adrianne's photo is unveiled.)
    VH1 Adrianne: "When the cloth dropped and it showed my face, and they showed my reaction on tv, what they skipped out was I think I was going, "[mod edit]"
    Voiceover: "The final runway contest of Season 2 between Yoanna and Mercedes also had it's glitches."
    VH1 Nole: "The ultimate runway show was quite chaotic because we only had like, 14 girls in the show and usually you have 18-20 girls in the show."
    VH1 Yoanna: "The strap of my heel broke, and they couldn't find the other shoe. I had to wear like a size 7 shoe, and I'm like 9 1/2, 10 so I was like, Oh my gosh can I handle it?"
    Voiceover: "Mercedes also had some runins with the professional models hired to do the runway walk with her and Yoanna." (2 of the models in a group whispering, another one getting makeup applied)
    VH1 Mercedes: "Not only did I have a competition with Yoanna, but I'm competiting against these 15 year old supermodels. And then, one of them, oh my God, this is horrible, one of them took the skin, on my stomach and said, 'Oh, you're fat, you need to lose weight' This is a little 15-year old supermodel that I wanted to punch!"
    VH1 Nole: "When it was all over and done with, you know who the winner was."
    Voiceover: "But the girls didn't." (Girls in the final judging room w/ the judges)
    VH1 Yoanna: "This is it. Am I gonna make it, am I not gonna make it?"
    VH1 Mercedes: "Yoanna and I, for the final judgement, waited in the room for 2 hours." (Tyra: Was the wait difficult? What was going through your mind?)
    VH1 Yoanna: "And Tyra was like Yoanna, I was like, 'Oh my gosh' it is me. It was a dream come true." (Yoanna winning)

    -- Commercial --

    J. Alexander: "Girl, get your hand off your tit. Get your hand off it. You look like you're about to do like this." (Cups his breast and walks down the runway, talking to Adrianne)
    Voiceover: "America's Next Top Model isn't just about putting models through their paces. For the winner, it's about launching a bonafide career. Mission accomplished. (Adrianne's Sierra tv ad plays. She is under water looking up. She then swims up and throws her hair back. It then moves back, and you see her in the middle of nowhere. Light is on her, the moon is in the background. In the corner the word "Sierra Dare to Shine" is written. Opera music is playing throughout it)
    VH1 Adrianne: "What I was expecting was a miracle? And I think I basically got it. (Tyra: How bad do you want this Adrianne? Adrianne: Real damn bad, Tyra Banks.)
    VH1 Tyra: "It's important for me for America's Next Top Model to change lives, and not for it to be 15 minutes of fame, but for these girls to go on and have true careers. (Videotape of the various girls cheering after being told they made it)
    VH1 Yoanna: "The difference between the other reality shows is you win a contract. You win a right to work." (Yoanna being introduced by Ryan Seacrest on his show.)
    Voiceover: "But the #1 girl isn't the only contestant who cashes in." (Photos and video clips of Adrianne and Yoanna)
    VH1 Tyra: "I mean, the winner's the one who gets the bling-bling, she's the one getting the most money and the most attention, but some of the other girls do have true modeling careers. These girls get signed and they work." (Sara walking for Rock N Republic, April posing for Stuff, Catie having her makeup applied and then walking for Louis Verdad, Mercedes walking for Rock N Republic)
    Voiceover: "And who did these beauties have to thank? Well Tyra Banks of course." (Tyra applying makeup to some of the girls)
    VH1 Michelle Mock: "She's created these dreams for this girls."
    VH1 April: "Tyra really is interested in grooming America's Next Top Model." (Tyra demonstrating different ways to say "Passion")
    VH1 Tyra: "I'm really proud of these girls and love giving them opportunities."
    Voiceover: "America's Next Top Model has been a huge success, beyond even Tyra's wildest expectations." (Tyra rapping to the girls before telling them they're going to Milan)
    VH1 Tyra: "We knew this was going to be a hit. We just knew it. But we didn't know it was going to be so phenomenal. We didn't know it was going to be making over UPN. That's something that's beyond a dream because you don't think that's possible. (Tyra asking the girls of S1 for a group hug) So these are dreams I never even had. These are dreams that are so amazing that they're inconcievable. (Various clips of the girls in happy times and sad times.)

    Show closes out with Season 1's photo where they slowly eliminate each girl only they eliminate them face until only Adrianne remains and "America's Next Top Model" appears next to her.)
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    Wow, Frostelized, that was a lot of work. Thanks so much.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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