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Thread: J. Alexander

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    Noo...he helped Tocarra loads! I remember watching a Friday clip of Tocarra and Jay together, and Tocarra was talking about the lackof clothes for women her size on the show and Ms Jay said "That's because you too damn fat, BEYOTCH!" They laughed, and then he started giving her good advice about how to shift her center of gravity since her boobs are so big and telling her to be fierce and don't let the other girls intimidate her.


    Whoops, you said Mr Jay, I thought you were talking about Ms Jay! LOL!

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    Here's a short article on J. with some commentary on the gay men on Top Model:
    Its got to be an honest show. And frankly, when you see J.s legs, dont you want to see him like that? Hes got great legs. If I had his legs, I would show them off. ~ Ken Mok

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    that was a very good article. i love that people enjoy j. alexander. of course he lives in paris. he is a wonder. i love him. he needs his own

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    Quote Originally Posted by quanahg
    The finale.

    I can't tell you how happy i was when i saw him in his chignon. and then, he made it the most wonderful viewing experience at the fashion show. he had on his kimono and was such a lady. i seriously love him. my boyfriend understands, and accepts, my love for a ms. jay alexander.

    somehow, i can't imagine anyone being seriously threatened by the love one has for jay alexander

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