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Thread: Which Photos Are Your Favorite?

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    Iconic Women of Rock: Ylenia
    Makeover Shoots: Alanna, Sisi, Heather
    Fight Club: Sisi and Dawn
    Birks Diamonds: Sisi
    Lingerie w/ Male Modes: ALANNA!, Ylenia
    Topless w/ Male Model: Alanna, Ylenia
    Lady of the Manor: Andrea
    Pantene Hair Products: Sisi
    Work It Out, Girl!: Andrea
    Fashion Mag Cover: None

    AuNTM Cycle 2:
    Naked w/ Jewelry: Eboni
    Circus Lingerie: Madeleine
    Screen Sirens: Simone, Louise
    Revolutionaries: Hiranthi and Simone
    B&W Swimsuits w/ Male Models: Louise
    Football: Simone
    Gilette: Simone
    Beauty Shot: Jess

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    FORT Regular ShiningZero's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Cycle Seven

    Hair Wars:Michelle,Amanda,Melrose
    Celebrity Couples:Amanda,CariDee
    Romance Novels:Amanda
    Air Tunnel:Michelle
    Water Nymphs:Amanda

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    We're hot,babe! lisa6745's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Cycle 1:
    Swimsuits: Chloe
    Horses: Gemma
    Pair Lingerie: Simmone & Zoe
    Male Model: Sam
    Pole Dancing: Gemma
    Gold/Nude: Gemma
    Beauty Shot: Chloe

    Cycle 2:
    Naked w/ Jewelry: Lara
    Circus Lingerie: Lara ,Eboni
    Screen Sirens: Louis
    Revolutionaries: Madeleine, Simone
    B&W Swimsuits w/ Male Models: Louise, Madeleine actuall all of them are amazing
    Football: Eboni
    Gilette: Jess
    Beauty Shot: Eboni

    Iconic Women of Rock: Ylenia ,Heather
    Makeover Shoots: Ylenia
    Fight Club: Sisi
    Birks Diamonds: Andrea, Sisi
    Lingerie w/ Male Modes: Sisi
    Topless w/ Male Model: Andrea
    Lady of the Manor: Sisi, Andrea
    Pantene Hair Products: Sisi
    Work It Out, Girl!: Andrea
    Fashion Mag Cover: Andrea

    what a shame Adrea quits modeling!

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    Dec 2006
    Cycle Seven

    Stereotypes. Michelle/Amanda
    Hair Wars. Melrose
    Runway. A.j/Michelle
    Freaks. Twins/A.j
    Celebrity Couples. Melrose
    Romance Novels. Melrose
    B&W. Eugena
    Air Tunnel. None
    Bull. Eugena/Michelle
    Water Nymphs. Amanda
    Covergirl. Eugena

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    We're hot,babe! lisa6745's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    Mine is.. :

    Cycle 1:
    J.Lo Bikinis: Kesse
    Stuff Magazine: Shannon
    Beauty Shot With Snakes: Elyse, Adrainne, Shannon
    Reebok: Elyse,Shannon,Adrainne
    Wonderbra: Shannon
    Nude: Adrianne

    Cycle 2
    Garden of Eden: Shandi
    Steve Madden Shoes: Shandi,Yoanna
    Laundry: Catie,Shandi
    Magazine Cover: Yoanna,Mercedes
    Underwater: Yoanna
    Black and White: April,Yoanna
    Solstice: Shandi
    Female Interaction: Yoanna
    High-Edge Beauty Shoot: Yoanna

    Cycle 3:
    Swimsuit Covers: Kristi
    Beauty Shot: Cassie,Amanda,Nicole
    Lee Jeans: Amanda,Cassie,Ann
    Douney & Brooke:Amanda
    Trampoline: Amanda
    Ford Mustang: Ann
    Verraigo Spider: Nicole
    T-Mobile: Amanda
    Anime: Amanda
    Covergirl: Eva< the best picture of her ever.

    Cycle 4:
    Aliens in Manhattan: Kahlen
    1-800-Flowers: Tatiana,Michelle
    Zodiac: Michelle,Brittany
    Got Milk: Rebecca
    Gas station whores: Kahlen ,Christina
    Wonderbra: Christina
    Seven Deadly Sins: Christina,Brittany,Kahlen
    Lubriderm: Kahlen
    Kloofing: Christina
    Dancing: Brittany
    Covergirl: Kahlen

    Cycle 5

    Superheroes: Ashley
    Country Couture: Nicole,Lisa
    Fashion Witch: Jayla
    Plastic Surgery: Kyle
    Secret: Nicole,Lisa
    Pin-up: Nicole
    Black and White: Nicole ,Kyle
    Wildboyz: Kim
    Phonebooth: Nicole
    Modern Art: Jayla
    Bollywood: Nik
    Covergirl: Nicole

    Cycle 6:
    Bald Shot: Joanie
    Ice Shot: Kari
    Falling Fairy Tales: Jade,Mollie Sue
    Future Career: Leslie
    Krumping: Leslie
    Black and White Crying: Jade
    Dolls: Furonda,Joanie
    Mermaids: Joanie
    Elephant Shot: Danielle
    OP Swimsuit: Joanie
    Covergirl: Joanie,Danielle

    Cycle 7:
    Model Stereotypes: Michelle,Aj
    Hairwars: Amanda,Melrose
    Wobbly Catwalk: AJ
    Circus: CariDee
    Celebrity Couples: CariDee
    Sexy/Scary: CariDee
    Romance Novels: Melrose
    Space Sirens: Michelle
    Bullfighting: Caridee
    Water Nymphs: Melrose,Caridee
    Covergirl: CariDee

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