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Thread: ANTM3 Ep. 4 Recap: The Certain Bitch Who Stole My Crystals

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    Clever editing don't you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    Finally, here comes Jennipher. In a sadly misguided attempt for attention and rocognition, at the end of her walk, she turns around, and lifts her skirt to unveil her buttcheeks, which are inscribed with the initials "ANTM" (did she write that herself, I wonder, or did she get someone's ass-istance, wokka wokka). Well, the booty flash is a joke that unfortunately backfires bigtime. Janice calls it "license to get fired, pulling that kind of joke on a runway." Nobody likes her pic this week, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RealityFan49
    Clever editing don't you think?
    No, that could not be editing. Unless they did some great CGI work to make Cassie say whatever they wanted.

    Amanda is SO WIERD. When she started singing that "certain bitch" song everyone at my house just stared at each other like "....what the hell?"

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    I wish I had a picture of all the girls in their hooker dresses. It's all so very...80s.

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    Dear everyone,
    I'm so interested what Tyra said to Jennipher When it came the bottom 2 - Jennipher and Kristy.

    Besides, I've got to thank you, snowflakegirl
    I read the season recap, and I'm LOL
    It's playing the ANTM Cycle 3 now in Taiwan.

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