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Thread: Who is your favorite?

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    1)Who is you favorite?
    Ann, Kelle, Amanda, Yaya and Kristi

    2)Who is Most beautiful?
    Amanda, Kelle and Ann

    3)Best personality?
    Kristi, Norelle, Eva and Amanda

    4)Who should win this?
    Ann or Kelle

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    1.Who is you favorite? Toccara & Yaya
    2. Who is Most beautiful? Can't decide between Eva, Julie, or Yaya
    3. Best personality? Yaya
    4.Who should win this? Yaya

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    Forthappy Layabean's Avatar
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    1.Who is you favorite?
    2. Who is Most beautiful?
    3. Best personality?
    4.Who should win this?

    1. Nicole
    2. Amanda
    3. Toccara
    4. Ya-Ya
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    1. amanda, cassie, norelle, nicole, jennipher, and maybe yaya (i have way too many favorites)
    2. cassie (with norelle as a very close second)
    3. toccara
    4. not really sure yet

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    Crystal Allen
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    Norelle and YaYa

    I think each is beautiful and would make a successful model.

    I really got annoyed when Elyse and Shandi, respectively were eliminated for reasons other than not looking right. Of course it's Tyra's show and she can choose who she wants, but i'd guess that many many models do the work for no other reason than having had the luck to be born quite tall and maybe either being naturally skinny or having a financial motivation to stay that way. How often do we see Naomi Campbell in the news for beating up an assistant or just being generally obnoxious? She gets work because she's a model and her looks are what count. It's very likely there are many nicer, friendlier, more personable women that envy her success but she works and earns a good living because of her looks.

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    1. Favorite: Toccara, Norelle, Kristi

    2. Most Beautiful: Yaya, hands down! Ann can be stunning at times, too.

    3. Best Personality: Toccara, then Kristi

    4. Should win: I'm favoring Norelle right now, but I could be happy with Yaya, as well.
    Token Christian.

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    1.Who is you favorite?
    2. Who is Most beautiful?
    3. Best personality?
    4.Who should win this?

    1. Norelle
    2. Norelle, Yaya
    3. They all seem lightly psychopathic this season...
    4. NORELLE!!!!

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    1.Who is your favorite?
    Yaya, Yaya, Yaya (in that order)

    2. Who is Most beautiful?

    3. Best personality?

    4.Who should win this?

    My other Favorites that could fit into any category above are: Amanda, Jennipher & Toccara.

    BTW: The UPN Community Polls have
    Yaya as 'The Favorite' and as 'The Next Top Model'

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    Board at work
    My turn my turn

    1.Who is your favorite?
    Norelle and Amanda

    2. Who is Most beautiful?

    3. Best personality?
    Now this is hard to answer since they are so highly edited we really don't see their true personalities. But from what I've seen, I would say Toccara.

    4.Who should win this?

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    My favorite: Yaya
    Most beautiful: Amanda
    Best personality: Toccara
    Who should win: Yaya

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