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Thread: Opinions on the makeovers....

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    Opinions on the makeovers....

    Just wondering how everyone feel about the makeovers. I am suprised there is not a thread about this already.

    I think all of them look so much better - EXCEPT Nicole and Amanda. I am sorry, but that hair on Amanda looks horrid. And that red hair makes Nicole look like a skanky skater-chick or something.....ugh.

    But everyone else, I think, looked so much better. Jennipher looks great with her hair shorter, and Kelle looks way better with hers longer. And even though I am not a big fan of Kristi - she looks better too!

    Did anyone get screenshots of the before and after makeover pics that they showed on the show last night? If so, please post them so we can compare!!

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    I actually thought I would hate Amanda's, but I think it looks pretty cool. I just don't like how long it is. I don't like that they dyed Ann's and Jennipher's hair. I just don't understand why a whole bunch of the girls had to go blonde, why not improve on their natural hair color. For instance: Ann. I thought that she looked amazing with brown hair. Why not give it a boost and make it a realy rich dark coffee color. I do and don't like Nicole's. In her picture, it's great, but just looking at her, I think it's too harsh. I like Norelle's. I think that she looks more grwon up, sexier.
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    I agree. I think Amanda looks terrible!!!! Plus her attitude is disgusting. :phhht

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    Amanda's is too much. The weave looks cheap, too. I liked Nicole's color a lot. I agree with the judges that it brings out her face.

    Worst: Kelle, Amanda and Christi
    Best: Yaya, Toccara, and Eva

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    Over all, I was pretty disappointed in the makeovers.
    I agree that too manny of them went blond and Amanda's hair in particular was hideous imo, so fake looking.

    Nicole was the stand out for me.
    I love the shape of her cut and the colour.

    If Jennipher had started out with the kind of hairstyle and colour they gave her I really think they'd have torn her look to pieces, same with Kristi, and would have radically changed both those looks.
    I don't think they did justice to most of the models natural good looks.

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    I did not like the majority of the make overs - in fact, my favorite, Eva, looked like she aged 10 years.

    I made the comment that perhaps these make overs photograph better than they appear "in person" and at the end of the show we got to see the "power" of some of them. The majority of them did transfer to photograph better, however, some did not.

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    kristi still looks the same to me ^^;;;
    ann's blonde hair is not working for me...

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    nicole is so beautiful! her and yaya are my faves. nicoles hair maybe shoulve been left a lil longer

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    Upn posted the Before and After in their gallery, so go check that out...

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    I thought giving Norelle a short cut was a good idea, but I didn't like the outgrown shaggy pixie they chose for her.

    Nicole looked awesome. I think hers is the only one I liked.

    Kristi looked god-awful. I never warmed to her but she went from bad to dog in a snap. The long bangs make her seem like she has a monstrously huge chin. Why, why, why?

    Others have said it in the show thread, but I think it is completely crappy of Tyra and co. to not give much of a makeover to the girl they cut that episode. Last time it was Heather, this time, Julie.
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