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Thread: ANTM3 Ep. 3 Recap: The Stripper Who Lost Her Lunch

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    There's that expression "ja wohl" in German. It just means like, oh, like "you betcha" or "yes indeedy." Maybe Ja Wolf is supposed to be a pun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darling
    Thanks SnowFlakeGirl. Excellent Job!!

    And on a side note: I am pretty naive when it comes to a person being of a different sexual orientation (gay). I pretty much have to be told:"I am gay". So I always thought that Mr. Jay was just eccentric. If anything SCREAMS "I AM GAY", it is the cream colored jacket and the black skirt that Jay wore last night. Oh, that and the lip gloss. I still love him though!

    Now, Mrs J on the other hand... well, his name says it all. That and the way he works the catwalk. Only a woman/gay man can walk like that!!! Way to go J!
    Riiiiight, because there are just soooooooooooo many straight male makeup artists that you would never make that assumtion.

    A little tip for you: Florists, Flight Atttendants, Stylists (Hair, Makeup, and Fashion), and Figure Skating - These are the Professions that we are the rule, not the exception.
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    ew diarrhea, too much information

    ....... oh and Krist-i-pher!

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    Anyway, I am further bewildered by her proud boast that he was conceived “to the hour” on September 11th. And this makes him “magical” because…he absorbed the souls of the Twin Towers’ dead? What the heck are you saying, crazy lady?
    Oh my gawd *rolls around laughing*
    To clarify, her son was born in 02, so it can't be that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    Question: Was Amanda's son conceived on 9/11 or born on 9/11? Because if that's when she went into labor, it's strange but can't be helped; but if that's when he was conceived, I can't help but wonder... What was she doing having sex so early on a weekday morning? I know some people do... but I only hope it wasn't the news that made them horny. Too much information, in any case.
    I definitely heard "conceived". Either that was a misuse of words, or she really meant it. In which case...what, down to the exact hour? Was it planned? All that aside - why boast about it at all? Because Elijah was either conceived or born at a time when thousands were dying in a catastrophic tragedy, that makes him special? Creepy. *shudder*

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    okay, I asked amanda about all that stuff last night, cause I was confused too. She said *she's a spiritual person* that they found out what had happened after they did the "act" and that the relevance is the fact that he's a very "aware" child. She believes that conception time gave eli"jah wolf" a deep spirit. she's a different type of person, even a little "weird" but that's why we're friends. there's in inside info folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chorita KaBoom
    Riiiiight, because there are just soooooooooooo many straight male makeup artists that you would never make that assumtion.

    A little tip for you: Florists, Flight Atttendants, Stylists (Hair, Makeup, and Fashion), and Figure Skating - These are the Professions that we are the rule, not the exception.
    Ahh, I see... I will keep that in mind. But seriously, I had to question whether the guy just liked wearing make-up! Or playing dress up... in women's clothing...

    I am blushing so hard right now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    In one scene, she and some of the girls are, inexplicably, eating while sitting on the floor in one of the halls (perhaps the designers were so busy découpaging Tyra’s visage onto the lampshades that they forgot to put a dining table in this place

    Next, we see Kristi getting her “natural” [product placement]CoverGirl[/product placement] makeup lesson from Jay, which does seem to help her face look softer and fresher in the results shot (though I swear there is an Adam’s apple in her “before” picture).

    Cassie derides the other girls for crying over their hair. Why, Cassie? Because it’s just so shallow, especially when there are more important things to be concerned about, like your weight, your weight, or your weight?

    She is also given some products to use; sorry, ANTM probably doesn’t have a contract with whatever product Dr. Jaliman prescribed, so I can’t tell you what they are—however, I can tell you, again and again, about the [product placement]CoverGirl[/product placement] cosmetics Jay uses to show Yaya how to cover up her blemishes.

    Perhaps I was a tad bit hasty in declaring earlier that Eva was the evil one—in fact, Eva’s turned out to be fairly benign, just blunt about telling it like it is. Is Amanda a “jawulf” in hippy, lovin’ mama-sheep’s clothing?

    And I’m sorry to be the one to point out the obvious, but OH MY LORD TOCCARA’S MAMMARIES ARE MAMMOTH! I thought for a second, maybe someone had deployed the airbags in there, but no, those were all woman.

    Cassie, seen seeking a Diet Coke in the kitchen area, bemoans the fact`that, “In Oklahoma, people look at me, and I don’t feel like people are looking at me here. I’m not having that much fun.” Maybe a stage and a pole would help her feel more at home. Hey, just trying to find ways to accommodate, because that’s me, I’m a giver.

    Danilo asks Amanda how it felt waking up with her new blonde mane this morning, “Have you been possessed by the previous owner?” This seems as good an explanation as any for her bizarre new behavior.

    Other notable photo shoot moments include: Amanda going on and on about her new “confidence boost” and how she “worked it” and my last nerve.
    Too much to quote, excellent recap as usual Snowy, I love your humor!

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    I have to admit, Snowflake Girl, that I hadn't read any of the previous recaps and only read this one cause I had some spare time. And I'm so glad I did - you had me laughing out loud! I have reformed and promise never to miss a recap again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyelined_chick
    Thank God I'm not the only person who had no clue what Amanda called her son. "Jawolf" is apparently a compliment?
    Amanda's son's name is Elijah and his middle name is Wolf. She calls him by different versions of parts of his name, Eli and Jah Wolf.

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