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If you go back to episode #1 you can see that ANTM cut a lot of gorgeous girls and let a lot of ho-hum girls get pass through. Its kind of embarrasing when they have a photo shoot like they do now in Tokyo - this is the "best America has to offer"? One girl has major acne, one is blind, one sounds like Marge Simpson's sisters, one girl is too short, OMG there is a major flaw in every one left. It's not even America's Next Top Model, it's more of a popularity contest amongst the judges. ANTM is so high school at this point.
lol. That is so true. With Ann, one week they like her and the next week they don't and she does the same thing. She looked like a goof in the comerical. I don't know how such short girls can be the "top model."

My favorite judge is Nigel. Is he the guy in the Firestone commerical. As in the Vh1 special, he seems to really help the girls after the show is over and he's pretty nice to them and seems to take his role seriously.