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Thread: Predictions on whose going home

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    Of course they are not going to cut 2 every episode, they is a total of 12 episode! SO this is actually the longest season

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    I hope it's Kristi, I think she's boring and her look is quite bland!

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    Honestly? I think Julie and Kristi. A bummer, because I kind of liked them both (though Kristi's photos are HORRIBLE). I'd like to see Eva or Ann go--not because of their personalities, but they just don't do much for me, looks-wise. But I doubt either of them will go, Ann's got the body and Eva's got the drama to stick around.

    I'd honestly be surprised if it were Magdalena, because she seems to have a lot of possibility for further transformation. But judging by these boards, she seems to be a real you-hate-her-or-you-love-her type, so who knows. It's interesting that she elicits such a wide range of responses!

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